5 Facts About The Whisperers On 'The Walking Dead' That Will Seriously Creep You Out

Gene Page/AMC

The Walking Dead's newest villains are a group called the Whisperers and they are already just as strange on-screen as they were in the comics. Obviously, Season 9B will dive more into this unprecedented foe and their leaders Alpha and Beta, but the established facts about the Whisperers on The Walking Dead will seriously creep you out.

The show started introducing the group towards the middle of Season 9 when Rosita and Eugene encountered a herd that relentlessly pursued them during a mission. Aaron, Jesus, and Daryl thought Eugene was losing it when he said the walkers were "talking" and purposely hunting him down. Eugene has evolved to be quite brave, so it was a point of concern. And, Michonne, Daryl, and several others were stunned when a “walker” got the drop on Jesus and stabbed him in the back. They discovered that this “walker” was really a man wearing walker skin on his body. Well, that's gross.

Comic fans are quite familiar with the Whisperers and why they are such an ominous threat. But some TV watchers will be shocked at the details behind the group’s origin story and general way of life.

Here’s what you need to know about the Whisperers:

They Live Among & Control Walkers

Gene Page/TWD

The Whisperers not only wear walker skin to blend in, but they also live among the walker herds. According to Uproxx, they are a nomadic group who travels in walker herds. The group still manages to communicate while traveling by – you guessed it – using a whispered tone.

Using tanned walker skin for camouflage isn’t necessarily a bad idea because it's less messy than the “walker blood and guts” method but it’s pretty creepy to want to live among the undead.

But the real issue is how the group has learned to direct thousands of walkers towards their enemies. It’s scary to think that there are now dangerous humans mixed in with flesh eating walkers.

They Have Zero Moral Compass

If fans thought Negan was immoral, then they will really be shocked by the Whisperers. In the comics, they don’t believe in any social constructs, which means crimes like rape and murder are acceptable.

Women and girls, including Alpha’s own daughter Lydia, are frequently subjected to sexual assault by their own group members. They are not allowed to see themselves as victims nor show any signs of "weakness."

So, there will be no lengthy speeches, negotiations, jokes, or second chances because the Whisperers are all about revenge and killing pretty much anyone who crosses their path or doesn’t want to join their ranks.

The Zombie Apocalypse Makes Sense (To Them)

Gene Page/AMC

The comic Whisperers believed that the zombie apocalypse was the Earth’s way of correcting the course of humanity. In their opinion, humans are animals who tried to deny their “true nature,” so this new world is a chance for everyone to go "back to their roots." Ummm, okay.

This thought process explains why they don’t care to rebuild society and why they use a "pack" mentality with the two strongest members, Alpha and Beta, at the helm.

Interestingly, Alpha is a woman but the group likely doesn’t acknowledge gender roles. Their staunch belief will probably transmit to the TV series, which means they are going to do everything they can to take down the established communities.

Their Origins Are A Complete Mystery

You might be wondering how a group like this even comes together in the first place. The TV show may explore an origin story of sorts, but the Whisperers appeared out of nowhere in the comics.

Comic Lydia explained that the group started out large and continued to grow with new recruits. It’s hard to imagine why so many people would willingly adopt to this way of life instead of trying to reclaim structure. And, it makes you question what kind of terrible people they may have been in the “old” world.

Yes, some people are probably there by force, but majority of the group seems to be completely brainwashed and on board with this disturbing lifestyle.

The Infamous Fair Deaths

Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

Alpha and her group mark their territory in the comics in the most gruesome way possible. There was a large fair-like gathering of the communities in the comics but things went sour when TWELVE people were murdered off-panel. Their heads were placed on pikes and lined up to make a line where Whisperer territory starts. Yikes.

Several of the comic characters who met their demise are still alive on the TV show right now, so there’s a high chance for some faves to meet their demise in the season finale, especially since Ezekial is planning a celebration of sorts.

The Whisperers are going to make their mark on the show in a brutal way. And, with characters like Rick and Carl out of the picture, it will be a complete surprise how the show will handle this iconic comic arc. Who will take Alpha down? Who will end up dead by the end? Will Maggie return to aid the Hilltop? The Whisperers are so creepy, you might not even want to find out.