The Highly Compelling Reason To Have A Lot Of Sex Tonight

Ashley Batz/Bustle

Since I'm a complete workaholic, I have a hard time justifying spending time on things that aren't work to myself. One thing I don't feel guilty about, though, is taking the time to have sex regularly. There are so many excellent reasons to have sex, and we don't even need one in the first place, since it feels good and it ain't hurting no one.

Couples' therapist Laurie Watson tells Bustle that as a general rule, couples should aim to have sex at least twice a week. But a University of Toronto Mississauga study found that couples' happiness peaks when they have sex once a week and declines after five times a month.

The exact ideal will vary from couple to couple (I'd personally find twice a week too little), but it seems that on average, many couples aren't having as much sex as is recommended. A University of Kentucky survey found that 57.8 percent are having sex once a week or more, which means over two in five are falling short of that recommendation.

Obviously, if you're perfectly satisfied with having less sex than average, don't fix what ain't broken. But if you'd like more sex in your life, here are some of the most compelling reasons to go for it.


It's Good For Your Career

A recent Oregon State University study found that people were happier and more engaged with their jobs the day after they had sex. So, your fabulous sex life could be good for both you and your boss.


It Improves Your Relationship

People experience an "afterglow" for about 48 hours following each romp, according to a study just published in Psychological Science. During this period, couples feel more sexually satisfied. And the more time they spend in this state over time, the closer they feel to their partners months later.


It's Healthy

Regular sex provides tons of health benefits, including increased fitness, fewer period cramps, less stress, and a lower risk of high blood pressure in older women. Sex educator Betty Dodson has credited her high energy during her 80s with frequent masturbation (yes, masturbation counts here, BTW!).


It Helps You Look Your Best

Orgasms and sexual pleasure in general can lead to clearer skin, thicker hair, and other beauty benefits. It also helps you get more sleep, which carries tons of appearance-related perks in of itself.


It Makes You A Better Lover

Practice makes perfect, after all, right? A recent series of studies in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that people who believe sex takes work have better sex — probably because they're working harder at it. So get to work, girl.

Really, though, the only excuse you need to have sex is that it's fun for both parties. Feeling obligated to justify everything you do leads to a pretty miserable existence, and you deserve pleasure just for being you and being awesome.