Here's How Many Couples Have Sex At Least Once A Week

If you’re wondering how often people have sex, as in whether or not you measure up, you’ll find that results differ. While some studies have found that people are doing it once a week and that’s ideal, others have found that three times a month is average — down from five times a month that was reported by heterosexual couples in the 1990s. Although reasons why people are having less sex now, or not has much sex as we assume they are, can be attributed to busy schedules and the like, other times it’s physical. That’s where the “Penis Perception Survey” comes in.

According to a study by behavioral health scientist, sex and relationships researcher, and Director of the Sexual Health Promotion Lab at The University of Kentucky, Dr. Kristen Mark, premature ejaculation can negatively affect the sex lives of heterosexual couples. With that knowledge she put together the “Penis Perception Survey,” which included data from 14,408 participants who were more than willing to share their sexual habits, all in then name of science — and I imagine the hope of lasting longer in bed. What she found was that, yes, premature ejaculation is more common than we think, but there is hope.

Here are some stats Dr. Mark uncovered about sex frequency and sex duration from her survey.

1. Over Half Of People Have Sex At Least Once A Week

According to the survey, 57.8 percent of couples have sex, vaginal sex specifically, at least once a week. Based on a study by the University of Toronto Mississauga from late last year, this sounds about right. In that study, it was found that once a week sex leads to peak happiness.

2. More People Give Than Get Oral Sex

When it came to oral sex, the stats were lower than those pertaining to vaginal sex. It was here that 35.5 percent of respondents reported receiving oral sex at least once a week, while 40.3 percent reported giving oral at least once a week. As to what genders these givers and receivers were was not mentioned, but I’d be curious to know if one gender is getting more oral than the other.

3. The Average Sex Session Is About 10 Minutes

Although other reports from a previous study put the average sex session at 7.3 minutes, the respondents in the “Penis Perception Survey,” reported their average to be a little higher: 10 minutes. This was also something that both men and women agreed was definitely the average.

4. When It Comes To Duration, Everyone Wants More

While the men and women were able to agree that their sex sesh lasts an average of 10 minutes, they also both agreed that they wanted more of it. In fact, both genders would like to see that 10 minutes taken up to a nice 20 minutes or so, in order to feel genuinely satisfied. I guess that’s where Dr. Mark’s research comes in — or, if you don’t want to opt for an over-the-counter remedy, there are always positions to make him last longer.

Either way, communicating with your partner what you want, whether it’s in regards to duration or frequency, is something that’s worth discussing if you want the best possible sex life you can have.

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