KiraKira Hair Is The Festival Trend You Need To Know About

Sara Tan

It wasn't too long ago when flower crowns ruled the festival circuit as the hair accessory of choice (and before then, the unfortunate popularity of Native American headdresses among festival-goers). Thankfully, we have come a long way from just plopping on some flowers on top of our head or, more importantly, appropriating cultures. Since then, festival hair has gotten so much more creative and playful, giving attendees the license to not only express themselves however they want, but go bigger and bolder than they've ever gone before (because when else can you really rock both glitter and rainbow hues in your hair at the same time?).

While bold highlighters and shimmery eye shadows definitely still played parts in people's festival looks, it was clear that the spotlight was on everyone's hair. This past Coachella weekend, it was all about color, glitter, and texture — or, as we're calling it, KiraKira hair. We saw everything from vibrant, holographic buns to intricately woven braids full of sparkle. The best part? Not only are they fairly easy to recreate at home, but they can be toned down for a more wearable, everyday hairstyle for summer.

Here are five eye-catching KiraKira hair looks that ruled Coachella. You will undoubtedly be seeing them everywhere this upcoming summer and throughout the rest of the festival season.


Braided Lights

Bumble and Bumble

Festival attendees were seen emerging from the Sephora tent at Coachella with lights flashing from their braids. How does it work? All you need is a little bit of dry shampoo, some texturizing spray, and a tiny string of LED lights. Bumble and Bumble, the brand behind the look, is calling it "galaxy hair."

To create the super "lit" braided look, Bumble and Bumble stylists first used Tres Invisible Dry Shampoo, which is a two-in-one style extender and dry shampoo to add some grit and some texture. Next, they applied Dryspun, which adds airy fullness and lots of volume. Adding volume and texture is really important to the look, whether you want a side braid or a simple braided crown. It allows you to more seamlessly weave in the LED lights while also hiding the string in your hair.


Multi-colored Designs


While this star-studded look might seem complicated at first glance, it might actually be one of the easiest trends you can recreate yourself. All you need are stencils and some temporary color hair spray, like Hush's Prism Airbrush Spray.

Hush has seven different shades made with kaleidoscope pigments that go on super pigmented and prismatic, without making your strands feel crunchy, and wash out of your hair easily when you're over your look.

Pick a stencil shape and a color (or two) and spray — that's it!


Glitter Beach Waves

Sara Tan

If you're not really into color or complicated braids or updos, fear not — effortless, tousled waves can also be glam and festive with a little help from some glitter spray.

IGK's Preparty Hair Strobing Glitter Spray diffuses light for a subtle, luminous hair glow, whether you've got light or dark hair. All you have to do is lightly spray the product through your hair, like you would hair spray, until you’ve achieved the level of shimmer that you want. Oh, and don't worry about having glitter stuck in your hair forever — this stuff washes out super easily.


Textured, Voluminous Braids & Ponytails

Give a little more oomph to your usual braids and ponytails by adding more volume and texture, like this one created by Amika stylist and pro educator Amanda Elaine.

Adding body and grit to your hair before you braid it or put it in a ponytail will help your style last longer, while also delivering a more dramatic, festival-friendly look.


Holographic Buns

Coachella 2018 would not have existed without sparkly space buns, like these worn on professional makeup artist Lauren Alayne. This fun hairstyle makes such a statement, you don't even have to worry about your outfit since the hair definitely steals the show — especially if you add some holographic color.

This holographic hair foam from IGK quickly absorbs into your hair, adding a soft glittered hue that shifts colors as your hair moves in the light. Add it just to your hair buns or go crazy and apply it all over your hair, because why not?