These 5 Libra Season Meditations Will Help You Chill Before Fall

Woman meditating on cliff overlooking fall forest

As we move into the new season, marked by the fall equinox, we also move into Libra season, making September 23 to October 22 an incredibly transformative time for all of us. To navigate through this air sign's season with a clear head and a balanced state of mind, you'll want to prepare yourself with some meditations for Libra season. While to some degree we'll all experience the season differently, as certain signs are more sensitive to Libra's influence than other's, we'll all feel a pretty profound need to find balance in our personal and professional lives, and work on our relationships.

According to astrologer Kyle Thomas, Libra season not only inspires us to find an equilibrium within all of our worlds, but it also spotlights the parts of our lives and people in our lives who are throwing the scales off. Aka, if there's imbalance in your life, get ready to be confronted with it. But don't let that overwhelm you, as any opportunity to fine-tune the flow of energy in your life is a good one. That said, meditation will help you approach these changes with a calm and open mind. Here are a few meditations to help you through the season:

Chakra Balancing Meditation

Balance starts from within. This quick chakra tuning meditation will help you align yourself spiritually so that when you seek balance in your external world, you're standing on even ground. If you only have 15 minutes to spare for self care, this video will help you get into a meditative state quickly so that you can get back to work.

Casual Mental Balance Meditation

If you're new to mediation or coming at it from a yoga background, this laid-back video is a good way to ease into it. Adriene helps you focus on your breath and create a quiet few grounding moments for yourself so that you face the day feeling mentally balanced and calm. This is also a great meditation to wind down from a chaotic day and change your energy before bed.

Energy Balancing For Love & Relationships Meditation

During Libra season, you're going to be inspired to work on your personal relationships. But in order to have a healthy partnership, you need to come to the relationship with your own healthy mindset. This meditation will help you get in touch with your most positive energy channels so that you can enrich your relationships with it and nurture them in a lasting way.

Meditation For Letting Go

Libra season not only inspires us to take care of the relationships we have, but it highlights the relationships that are no longer serving us. You might find that there are certain people in your life who are bringing you down or holding you back, and you might decide that it's time to let go of that relationship or create space. This meditation will give you the confidence to do so in a respectful way.

Nurture Your Friendships Meditation

Listen to this meditation to not only attract good people into your life, but to learn how to be the best friend you can be to the friends you already have. There are over 30 minutes of positive affirmations about friendship that will help you be present, grateful and understanding of your friends. If you're feeling anxious during this time about friendships that have been fading or changing, these affirmations will help restore your confidence in those friendships, too.