5 Meditations To Try During Scorpio Season That Will Help You Relax

The sun officially moved into the Scorpio house as of Tuesday, Oct. 23, which means the scorpion season is in full effect. Much like the venomous arthropods, the Scorpio influence will be striking and intense for all of us. To prepare yourself for the weeks ahead, you'll want to get yourself familiar with some mediations for Scorpio season, because things are definitely about to get interesting.

Coming out of Libra season, we're feeling balanced and level-headed. The Libra influence helped us to organize our minds and schedules and get us in a healthy groove, but that equilibrium is about to be shook. Scorpio season will bring a lot of excitement and adventure into our lives, but it also has the power to bring a lot of conflict and chaos into our lives. Scorpio's influence will evoke a lot of do-or-die feelings in us. We'll be faced regularly with all or nothing propositions and find ourselves with our emotions taking the wheel. To avoid a major crash at the end of the month, we'll all need to implement a few forced stops, or meditations, to center ourselves and not get carried away with the severe Scorpio mentality.

If you incorporate a lot of meditation into the Scorpio season, you might just make it through the month unscathed and with a few adventures under your belt. Here I've put together some meditations that will help you steer clear of reckless tendencies and lean into positive ambitions this month.

As astrologer Linda Furiate tells Bustle, "we may find that we become more passionate, or obsessive, about our future desires. While the sun is in Scorpio we may find it beneficial to merge our resources with another to gain in power. This may be a great time to spend quiet, reflective, time alone as we contemplate our life and our future," aka, get your mediation on. Furiate explains that if used properly, Scorpio energy can be healing and transformative. So here's how to use it properly:

Face The Bad

This guided mediation will help you highlight the negativity in your life right now and face it so that you can get rid of it. Then, it will help you to see the positivity in your life so that you can embrace it properly. If you're feeling imbalanced, this should do the trick.

Beta Waves

This beta wave sound frequency meditation will help you to relax in every way. After an intense experience, you can unpack it and calm yourself down with these measured sounds. After a few minutes, you should be able to silence your mind and think of nothing.

Scorpio Chant

If you're feeling vocal and like you have a lot of intense energy to channel, this Kundalini meditation will help you feel more balanced and peaceful. It's a productive use of pent up energy that will evoke positive feelings an expel negative ones.

Cleansing Meditation

If you feel like your chakras need some aligning during the Scorpio season this meditation will help you get back to yourself. You might find yourself engaging in drama that you'd typically avoid this month, this meditation will help you shed the effects and reduce your attraction to chaos.

Intense Meditation For Intense Situations

If you're feeling pretty tightly coiled thanks to Scorpio's influence on your life this month, you'll want to to lean into this intensely meditative video that claims to trigger lucid dreams. If trippy imagery and beta beats entice you, you'll enjoy this video that some might call ~extra~.