5 Meditations To Help You Relax During The July 31 New Moon

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July's new moon might be invisible, but astrologically speaking, it's a spectacle. On July 31, the moon will slip into darkness and become the second new moon of July 2019 — making it a ~super black moon~. This rare event will come with some astrological influence, so you'll want to prepare yourself for it with some meditations for the new moon on July 31, 2019.

Astronomically speaking, the super black moon is just a result of fluctuating calendar dates on our end, and not anything on the lunar end. But our lives on Earth revolve around the calendar, and we're deeply inspired and influenced by our awareness of the moon's stage and the month that we're in. So having two new moons in one month means that we are triggered twice to turn into ourselves and sort out our emotional baggage. If you already took advantage of the sensitive vibes from the Jul. 2 new moon and felt as though you did a lot of reflecting and self care then, you might find yourself feeling somewhat listless with the arrival of a second new moon this week.

The Jul. 31 new moon is technically in Leo, but it's also in the constellation of Cancer, which means you're going to be feeling a complex combination of introverted emotional stress and extroverted emotional frustration. You'll be battling with wanting to keep to yourself and talk it out with friends. The best way to find a middle ground that allows you to go into August with a calm mind and a clear focus is to take some time to meditate and find your balance:

Black Moon Meditation

Follow this guided meditation to find the strength to let go of toxicity and make room for positivity in this new lunar cycle. You already know in your gut what you need to part with, this meditation will give you the tools to create some mental separation.

Leo Season Meditation

As we move out of retrograde and Leo season can really start to lead us all towards a brighter path, this meditation will help you tap into your inner lioness. As you get rid of what no longer serves you, you'll have room to let in some healthier intentions.

Blockage Clearing Meditation

If you're having trouble putting your finger on the things that you're meant to part with during this super black moon, this meditation will help you clear out any blockages that are obscuring your view. Sometimes the answers are just a little bit harder to find, so this meditation will help you go just a little bit deeper to get there.

Face Your Feelings Meditation

Sometimes, the reason why you can't express yourself to the people around you is because you don't even know what to say. Your feelings are so overwhelming and vague at the same time, you can't describe them. This meditation will help you to slow down, take a step back and look at your feelings objectively. This will help you identify them and that in return will make it easier to explain them to others.

Reset Meditation

At its core, the new moon is an astrological opportunity for us to clear the slate, turn a new page, and go into a new lunar cycle with a fresh perspective and newfound optimism. This meditation will help you get your head into a brighter space, allowing you to leave the emotional baggage of last month behind.