These 5 Meditations Will Keep You Grounded During Virgo Season

by Kaitlyn Wylde
Woman meditating in a lotus yoga position on a yoga mat in the park

Now that the fiery Leo season has brought forth our boldest selves and given us the confidence we need to go after our deepest desires, Virgo season is fast approaching to bring us back down to Earth — whether we're ready for it or not. Just as Leo season ends, Virgo season is set to begin on Aug. 23 and will stick around until Sept. 22. Virgo is an Earth sign whereas Leo is a fire sign — so for many of us, the next few days will feel as though someone pulled the plug on the stereo to break up the dance party that was Leo season. Virgo isn't here to end the fun, though — it's just here to remind us to keep our feet firmly planted on the ground and get back to work. It runs the risk of being a slightly stressful time, so we could probably all benefit from some meditations for Virgo season 2019 to help us get through it.

Bustle talked to astrologer Lisa Stardust about Virgo season to find out more about the ways in which the sign will affect us so that we can prepare ourselves with some meditations to combat anything too overwhelming. According to Stardust, "Virgo season will force us to seek the truth and divine wisdom within to make clear decisions," — an opposite energy to Leo season which had us looking outward and shining bright without overthinking anything. "Anxieties may come to a head, forcing us to reconcile tensions within through meditation," Stardust went on to say. "Taking time out from the daily grind will allow us to think clearer and make better decisions." So, here are a few meditations that are perfectly suited for Virgo season, to keep you feeling balanced and positive as the seasons shift and your mentality does too.

Tension Relief

If you're feeling overwhelmed by tension that's brewing, whether it is from internal conflict or external conflict, this meditation will offer you some relief. With calming sounds and a two hour narrative, it will disable your anxiety so that you can free up some space and time to recharge so that you can face conflict with fresh eyes and a fresh mind.

Make A Choice

You might feel a lot of pressure to make decisions during Virgo season, but at the same time you might feel unsure of your ability to do so. Follow this guided meditation to gain the confidence in your choices so that your insecurity isn't holding you back from what you know you want.

Mind Fog Blaster

Switching from Leo season to Virgo season can be an adjustment. You're basically going from a carefree mentality to a deeply careful mentality and that transition can cause a lot of mind fog. This meditation will help you clear it up and focus on your thoughts so that you can actually execute your intentions and get the ball rolling. There's a lot to do this season, so you're going to have to get used to making strong choices and standing by them.

Turn Your Mind Off

If Virgo's energy becomes too intense for you, listen to this Virgo-tuned meditation music to fall into a deep sleep or a heavy meditative state. This music will turn down the volume of your concerns so that you can focus on your breath and essentially take a break from thinking.

Remove Mental Blocks

Virgo energy is going to inspire you to step up your game at home, at work and in your social circles. Being a good friend, a good partner, a good co-worker will become incredibly important to you this season, and in order to excel in these positions, you'll need to be in tune with yourself and the people around you. Basically you're going to need to pay attention and practice empathy, this guided meditation will help you to remove the mental blocks that get in the way of your natural ability to do so.