This Is The One Zodiac Sign Who SHOULD Travel During This Summer’s Mercury Retrograde

by Brittany Bennett
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Mercury Retrograde isn't anyone's favorite time of the year — especially when it occurs during prime time vacation season. Mercury, the planet of communication, is notorious for interfering with travels during its retrograde. And you, Sagittarius, are quite the traveler and therefore may be subject to Mercury Retrogrades affects. Knowing Mercury Retrograde summer 2019 predictions for Sagittarius zodiac signs will help you navigate the rest of this tricky transit.

It's been a long July. It's hot, it's sticky, it's eclipse season... and, oh yeah, Mercury has been retrograde since Jul. 7. There's a lot of astrological action happening. Take a deep breath. We're almost through with this summer retrograde. Mark your calendars for Jul. 31 when Mercury finally turns direct! In the meantime, however, there's a bit more to endure.

Traveling, vacationing, adventuring is your astrological schtick, Sagittarius. You love it and you live it. Just because Mercury is going retrograde doesn't mean you can't enjoy your travels. It doesn't mean that you can't take your vacation days. In fact, you should. Mercury isn't the only planet affecting you. "Jupiter, planet of luck and glory, is in your sign until December. This gives you divine luck in nearly every way! You’re a sign who loves to travel, and Jupiter is all about growth and expansion," astrologer Kyle Thomas tells Bustle. Follow your heart's desire to hit the road. Just beware of Mercury's speed bumps.

You're Really Going To Want To Hit The Road

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Hitting the road is never a bad idea, Sagittarius. And during Mercury Retrograde, it could be a good idea to skip town. "With so many hiccups from Mercury Retrograde about to hit, why not fly the coop to investigate somewhere you’ve wanted to embrace once again," astrologer Kyle Thomas tells Bustle. Instead of venturing away to a new destination, however, it might be best to revisit a place you think of fondly.

But Beware: Travel Can Get Hectic

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As you travel, take the necessary Mercury Retrograde precautions. Technology could be on the fritz and lines at the airport could be backed up. "Print all your tickets and confirmation numbers in case your phone or apps crash," Narayana Montufar, senior astrologer at and, tells Bustle. Having a hard copy of your travel documents will make for smoother sailing if technology goes awry.

Watch Your Bank Account


Check your banking app between flights while Mercury is retrograde. "Keep a keen eye on all financial transactions since important details can slip through the cracks," the AstroTwins Ophira and Tali Edut wrote on their site, AstroStyle. Make sure you're not being charged twice! Even if it's for something as small as an inexpensive cab ride. Double or extra, unexpected charges can be sufficiently annoying! Speak up if something doesn't add up.

You Might Receive A Text From Your Ex

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Mercury dredges up things from the past. Which, I'm sorry to report, could include your ex. You might not want to take nostalgic a stroll down Lover's Lane this time though. "An appealing but toxic ex may resurface, tempting you to engage. Tread carefully," the AstroTwins cautioned on their site, AstroStyle. Take a deep breath before responding to or engaging in anything.

Think Before You Speak

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Whether it's interactions with your ex or the not-so-helpful airline attendant that's getting under your skin, remind yourself to breath. "During this tricky transit, your interactions could be misread and plans can fall apart," the AstroTwins wrote on AstroStyle. "Mercury will reverse through Leo and your outspoken ninth house. With your already blunt tendencies, you'll need to put extra filters in place to avoid creating a firestorm with an accidentally offensive comment." Excuse yourself if frustrations arise. The entire zodiac needs to watch the words they choose to use. This includes you, Sagittarius!