This One Zodiac Sign Will Have Good Luck With New Projects During Mercury Retrograde

by Brittany Bennett
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July has been ~a month~. Mercury has been retrograde since Jul. 7 and we've seen ourselves through not one, but two, intense eclipses. Thankfully, we're in the final stretch of this Mercury Retrograde period. Phew. Wipe your brow line, Scorpio. There are Mercury Retrograde summer 2019 predictions for Scorpio zodiac signs to help you get through the last of this transit.

"When Mercury retrogrades, all communication-focused activities like travel experience delays and interruptions," Narayana Montufar, senior astrologer at and, explains to Bustle. This is true for all zodiac signs, but during this particular planetary moment Scorpios may be more prone to these mishaps. This is because all Scorpios want to do right now is advance their career and also take a mid-summer vacation. Consider Mercury's hijinks, reread e-mails before sending, and take all necessary travel precautions.

As Leo season gets into the swing of things, and Mercury moves into Cancer, the craziness will dissipate. Especially when it comes to moving forward in work, ambitious Scorpio. "Mercury Retrograde is all about the past — returning to old projects, old coworkers, old companies, old bosses. If you're 'returning' in any way, you're in luck. This could also be if you're returning to an older industry or career path that you haven't focused as much in recent times upon," astrologer Kyle Thomas tells Bustle. Turns out, sometimes, to get ahead it helps to go back.

The rest of Mercury's retrograde isn't a crutch, Scorpio! It could encourage and help you move forward in especially rewarding future work projects. Find out predictions for the summer 2019 Mercury Retrograde for Scorpio below!

You're Focused On Work


Your career ambitions are working overtime. But with Mercury being retrograde, you might have been experiencing some frustrations when it comes to moving forward. Don't fight the direction. "You're thinking about past projects and career ambitions, [but] have you reached the crown? Consider ways you can go back to people you were building an empire with and catch that spark again," astrologer Kyle Thomas tells Bustle. Get back on LinkedIn and netwerk.

Watch What You Say

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Listen, we all get overwhelmed. But Scorpio is particularly passionate and when frustrations arise, your words can sometimes come off as venomous. "When Mercury reverses into Cancer and your outspoken ninth house from July 19 to 31, unfiltered opinions could land you in hot water. The less you blurt, the cooler you’ll stay," the Astro Twins of AstroStyle advise. Keep your fiery feelings in your journal. Retreat to the water cooler, if necessary, until you can express yourself in a more amiable way. You're not going to want to burn any bridges.

Dream Big

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If your career has been taking up 98 percent of your brain space this month, the planets can explain. "Mars is in Leo and your driven tenth house from July 1 to August 18," AstroStyle writes. "Aim higher, think bigger and imagine what would happen if you set your goals ten times their current size. You’ll still have to heed the Mercury retrograde precautions, but don’t let this deter you from dreaming up a big, bold plan for yourself." Don't hold yourself back. Once Mercury turns direct, you'll be ready for lift off.

Back Everything Up

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As you prepare for your next big career move, you might be spending a lot of time on e-mail or gathering important documents. Back up all necessary documents on an external hard drive. When Mercury is retrograde it tends to fiddle with technology. You won't appreciate any mishaps that happen, so take the time to re-re-re-read e-mails and save documents frequently as you type up that genius business plan.

Take Those Vacation Days

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Sure, you might really want to advance your career, but you might also want to think about stepping away from the cubicle. "You’re truly the MOST blessed sign for travel right now, but it’s focused on somewhere that is truly unique and different from you. However, with Mercury being retrograde, you’re advised to go to somewhere that you’ve been to at least once. Mercury Retrograde summons us to the past, so consider popping into that place you always wanted to revisit," Thomas tells Bustle. Take advantage of this astrological approval and return to a place you've been aching to get back to. It could revive you!