5 New Short Story Collections To Read When You Don't Have Time To Finish A Whole Novel

Since 2013, May has been known by book-lovers by another name: Short Story Month. If you're ready to kick off this year's celebration the right way, make sure to pick up a short story collection to read over the weekend.

Modern life moves more than a mile a minute, so it never surprises me when I hear someone say things like they "don't have time" to read. Our schedules are jam-packed with so many hours of work, chores, family commitments, and social obligations, that there is barely any downtime to sit and relax with a long book. Without free time, how can anyone ever finish a whole novel?

One of the greatest things about short story collections is how easy they are to read. The very structure of the short story makes them ideal for reading in between all of your to-do list items. Even if your day is booked solid with appointments, meetings, classes, and errands, there is more than enough time to enjoy at least one piece of short fiction. Trust me, I've been there, and whenever I'm too busy to read a whole book, short stories always come to the rescue.

Are you too swamped to enjoy a novel this weekend, or just looking for a fun way to kick off May's Short Story Month? Then here are five short story collections under 300 pages you can finish before Monday comes.