5 Ways To Manifest Luck On 11/11, One Of The Luckiest Days Of 2019


Don't let Mercury retrograde get you down: We're quickly approaching what many witches and astrologers believe to be the most magical day of the year, Nov. 11 — and here's why. 11/11 is a spiritually significant date because of the powerful numerology behind the number 11. "In numerology, 11 is known as a 'master manifestor,' explains witch and astrologer Renée Watt, who spoke with Bustle about the power of this special day. This number is affiliated with spiritual connection, angel magic, and abundant opportunity, so choosing a few rituals to use on 11/11 is a wise choice, as we should all aim to take advantage of this auspicious energy.

In addition to the numerological symbolism of 11/11, there are also some powerful astrological transits taking place that only add to the day's magic. Firstly, Nov. 11 falls the day before a bright full moon in Taurus, making the day even more suited for ritual work and magic of all kinds. Secondly, there's a very rare and unique transit taking place on Nov. 11 that won't happen again until 2032, and that's the transit of planet Mercury across the Sun, resulting in a lovely conjunction in Scorpio. This will open us up to a higher-minded sense of communication and expression of our ideals and inner selves and make the day feel all the more cosmically special.

Ritual work on 11/11 is going to be extra powerful, and if you have energy you'd like to either remove or invite into your life, now's a great time for it. But remember, when working with the energy of the universe in any ritual, it's important to give an offering of gratitude — that's why you often see a chalice of wine or some fruit piled on altars! Even simply lighting an extra candle to acknowledge the energies at work to support you is a good gesture. "Since karma is instant when 11 energy is present, instead of a traditional offering, do something nice for a stranger or donate to a charitable cause," advises Watt to Bustle. "The more you give on 11/11, the more you’ll get back!"

I've put together a few simple yet powerful rituals intended to be performed on Nov. 11 to help you harness the power of 11/11 to its fullest degree. I also chatted with some witches and astrologers to get their suggestions for 11/11 rituals, too. Read on and choose a ritual or two to use on 11/11 to manifest the spiritual growth, abundance, and and positive energy you hope to invite into your life.

1. 11/11 Crystal Moon Ritual


What you'll need: A garnet crystal (or manifesting crystal of your choice); 1 red candle; amber or patchouli oil.

What to do:

There are many ways to use crystals on 11/11, but Watt shares her preferred manifestation crystal ritual with Bustle. "On 11/11 the moon will be in Taurus (which has a strong connection to the material world)," explains Watt. "For this reason I’d use this energy to charge up some garnet, one of my favorite manifestation crystals."

"To ritualistically charge your crystals, you don’t need a ton of bells and whistles, just a small red candle and some garnet ([or] another manifestation stone of your choosing)." Watt suggest also anointing your candle with a bit of amber or patchouli oil by rubbing a bit of the oil on the outside of the candle starting at the wick and working to the base. She instructs you to say the following aloud as you do:

"I connect with my ability to create abundance in the material realms."

"Before lighting the candle, hold it for a moment with your crystals and visualize your bank account growing, your wardrobe expanding, and maybe even that new computer you need," Watt suggests. "Light the candle with the crystal(s) around it and allow it to burn down. Carry these minerals whenever you’re trying to manifest."

2. 11-Minute Meditation & Free-Writing Ritual


What you'll need: A paper and pen; a timer; a quiet space to meditate.

What to do:

Last year, I performed an 11-minute meditation and free-writing ritual on 11/11, so I can personally attest to its power and highly recommend this simple practice. I recommend planning to start the ritual at exactly 11:11 in the morning or at night, or even sometime within the hour of 11 AM or PM, if possible — but if neither time works for you, then it isn't necessary.

To begin, you'll want to cleanse your space as needed (using whichever tools feel right to you — smudge sticks, incense, essential oil diffusion, selenite wand cleansing, etc.) and make sure you have a few minutes of quiet where you'll be undisturbed. Set a timer for 11 minutes, and allow yourself to meditate during that period. Don't worry if you're not an advanced meditator! If your mind wanders, just gently try to nudge it back to center, acknowledging thoughts as they come and then allowing them to pass.

Once the timer goes off, you'll want to start a free-writing session. Grab your journal or a piece of paper, reset your timer again for 11 minutes, and just write. Try not to stop or pause for too long to think about what to say — this exercise is about letting your subconscious spill out onto the page without your inner critic or conscious mind trying to edit you, so let whatever wants to come out come out — even if it's practically gibberish! Once the timer goes off for the second time, you can wrap up your writing activity. Now reflect on anything that came to you during your meditation (visions, repeated thoughts, feelings) as well as revisiting what you wrote during your free-write session, and work with these themes as you move forward and through the 11/11 portal.

3. 11/11 Candle Magic Ritual & Visualization


What you'll need: 1 white bergamot-scented or unscented candle; bergamot oil (if using unscented candle); candle carving tool.

What to do:

Bustle spoke with astrologer and Tarot reader Caitlin McGarry, who shares how she'll be honoring the energy of 11/11 through a candle manifestation ritual. "A simple ritual I like to perform on 11/11 is carving a white candle with words of affirmations or things I want to manifest," she shares. Because the energy of 11/11 is ideal for manifesting, using candle magic is a great way to bring passion, energy, and zest to your goals.

Begin by prepping your candle for the ritual before it starts. "I will be using a white bergamot candle, since bergamot has manifestation properties and is great for protection," explains McGarry. If you don't have a candle that's already infused with bergamot, you can use bergamot oil to anoint a regular white spell candle by rubbing a small amount of the oil on the outside of the candle, starting at the wick and rubbing down to the base. This will have the same effect.

Now, get out your candle carving tools (anything that can get the job done safely and effectively will do!), and carve in any words or symbols that represent what you're hoping to manifest in your life. No need to get too wordy (after all, you're carving on what is likely a small candle!), but do be specific and intentional with the words you choose.

The ritual will truly begin when you light the candle on 11/11. "After carving the words into the candle, I will light it right at 11:11 a.m. on 11/11," says McGarry. It's certainly advised to light the candle at exactly 11:11, but if that's not possible, then any time on that date will do.

Once the candle is lit, it's time for your manifestation visualization: "For 11 minutes, while gazing at the flame, I will visualize what my life will look like when I bring in all of this new abundant energy," shares McGarry. Set a timer on your phone for 11 minutes, if helpful, to allow you to truly focus on your visualization without worrying about how long it's been. If possible, allow your candle to burn all the way to end safely once your visualization is complete.

4. Angel Message Channeling Ritual


What you'll need: Your own intuition; a paper and pen.

What to do:

Because master number 11 is associated with the angelic realm, a widening of consciousness, and spiritual awakening, you'll want to try to pay close attention to your intuition that day - and perhaps even try to tap deeper into it. "An incredible gift that 11/11 encourages is the innate ability to channel," shares astrologer Kristy Belich, who spoke with Bustle about performing channeling rituals on 11/11. "Everyone experiences this in their own way."

Channeling divine messages should be easier on 11/11 than other days, so allow some room in your day to tap into this, and choose a practice that resonates with you to help facilitate it. "Some simple rituals to connect your personal channeling energy are meditation routines, spending time in nature, and free-writing," explains Belich. "These activities allow you to tap into your own strength and are highly supportive towards intuition." Whether you choose to carve out a few minutes for meditation to open your mind to divine messages, take a nature walk by yourself through a beautiful place to clear your mind, or perform a free-writing ritual to tap into your intuition ( like this one shared by Forever Conscious), make it intentional, and pay attention to what comes up for you.

Whatever you choose to do, keep a notebook handy so you can write down any thoughts or "messages" that may hit you throughout this prosperous day. "Do not judge whatever insights come up for you," advises Belich. "The Universe is all loving and supportive. You can ask for protection and guidance throughout the day."

5. 11-Card Celtic Cross Tarot Spread


What you'll need: Your Tarot deck of choice; candles and incense (optional).

What to do:

Numerology and astrology come together beautifully to create the unique energy of 11/11, and that same synergy also applies to the mystical art of Tarot. With that in mind, use the energy of today to do a symbolic 11-card Tarot spread to inform you on how to move forward with your current goals as related to abundance and spiritual growth.

In Tarot, the Celtic Cross is a classic and well-known but complex card spread that's popular due its highly-detailed read on any given situation. While this spread is typically done using 10 cards, Tarot Of The Nine Paths created a lovely 11-card version of the Celtic Cross spread that's ideal for use on 11/11.

It helps to take a long, cleansing bath with Epsom salt before performing your spread, as the salt will draw toxins from your body (and spirit!) and simultaneously restore it with minerals. Then, create a relaxing, peaceful space for your Tarot practice. Light incense or candles and dim the lights to set a mood, if you wish!

Then, cleanse your cards (or perform whatever pre-spread practice you prefer), and lay out the cards in accordance with the 11 card Celtic Cross Tarot spread and follow the instructions given by Tarot Of The Nine Paths. Integrate the messages sent to you through the Tarot into your mindset as you move forward, and allow it to help guide you in working toward your intentions.