Scorpio Season Will Encourage Us All To Spend More Time With Ourselves

There are certain things you should and shouldn't do for Scorpio season.

As of Oct. 23, the sun entered the intense, mystical zodiac sign of Scorpio, and there it will stay until Nov. 22. Though the idea of entering Scorpio season seems to inspire fear in the hearts of many, the scorpion energy and influence is nothing to fear. You'll still want to make sure you know what you should and shouldn't do during Scorpio season to ensure you get the most out of it — but it's nothing to hear.

Just like any astrological season, there will be certain things that will be worth our attention as they will be more attainable than usual, and other things that are not worth our attention as they will be draining or fruitless. When the sun is in Scorpio, we're all nudged onto an inward journey. All signs will be feeling extra connected to their feelings, on account of their feelings being amplified. Scorpios are incredibly passionate people, because the Scorpio energy is fueled by heat and loyalty and deep connection. The desire to connect our inner passions to our outer passions will become very real during this time, and according to astrologer Linda Furiate speaking to Bustle, this is going to have an interesting affect on how we feel and how things pan out for us.

Regardless of your journey, you're going to be inspired to think about what you put your energy toward more critically, and if you lean into these thoughts, you might find yourself coming to a powerful realization that changes everything for you. No big deal. According to Furiate, these are the things you should and should not put energy into this month. If something that you feel very connected to is on the "don't" list, consider putting it on the back burner during Scorpio season and remember that you can always revisit these endeavors during Sagittarius season and have more fruitful results.

Scorpio season also may allow us to journey deeper into the soul. We may express an intense desire to merge our emotional and physical self into an experience, which could allow us to transform the way we look at the deeper meaning of our life.

Here are a few things to keep in mind this Scorpio season:

Do: Look In The Dark Corners Of Your Mind


According to Furiate, Scorpio energy is going to inspire you to explore the deep mysteries of your mind, so lean into that desire and explore. There are ideas and feelings that might seem foreign to you, and they're waiting in the shallow pool of your subconscious for you to find them. Don't be scared of your thoughts, enjoy this opportunity to learn about the complexity of your mind and personality.

Do: Remember Your Feelings Are Valid

According to Furiate, it's important to "allow all your feelings to have validation — joy, anger, sorrow, love, sexuality," so take the time to give yourself that validation. Whether it's through meditation, journaling, talking to your therapist or friends, express yourself and practice standing by your feelings.

Do: Power Up


"Own your personal power," Furiate tells Bustle. You're more powerful that you realize during this time, so if you're driven by a passion, see it through. If you have a professional idea that you're confident in, share it and fight for it. If you have a connection with someone, go for it and let them know how you feel. Give yourself permission to be bold, your instincts are sharp.

Do: Be Alone

Not only does Furiate say that it's important to allow yourself time to be alone, but she also says it's important to be OK with it. Scorpio's intense energy will have us feeling more burn out than usual, and spending time alone will not only allow us to recharge, but it will force us to save some of that intense energy for ourselves. If you end up really enjoying this time alone, lean into it. It's OK to spend a ton of time by yourself, so don't be hard on yourself for skipping social plans, if you're inclined to do it, it means you need it.

Do: Let Go


"Allow yourself to let go of repressed energy and jealousy," Furiate suggests. "Just like tree leaves in autumn, Scorpio season is a wondrous time to let go of that which no longer serves us," she goes on to say, reminding us that this is the most natural time of year to let go of the things that are no longer serving us.

Don't: Confuse A Fling With Something More Serious

According to Furiate, we all risk "falling for the promise of forever love in a moment of deep sexual passion," during this time. While this can be a hard line to see, being open, honest and incredibly communicative and patient can help you manage your expectations and stay in touch with the reality of the situation.

Don’t: Lean Into Anger


"Don't allow negative thoughts or feelings to instill long-term anger," Furiate tells Bustle. It's important that you let go of anger that's keeping you from evolving during this time. Though sometimes we forget, it's actually easier to be nicer, so if you have a chance to make a choice that shows the universe that you're choosing maturity and kindness over an inclination to hold onto a grudge, take it.

Don't: Mess With Fate

Sometimes the Scorpio energy can be misread, and meddling. Furiate stresses the importance of avoiding any urges to force, control or manipulate the outcome of an intense encounter with another. Let things pan out the way the universe wants them to, and ignore any desire to involve yourself in changing the way something might happen organically.