5 Thoughtful Gifts For Your Fanciest Friend

The biggest holiday mystery is definitely figuring out what to get for your fancy BFF. She’s the one who’s always up on the latest and greatest. She’s the first to know about — and get her hands on — just about everything. And you can always rely on her for the best product recommendations, every time. That luxe lip color? You can bet she’s swiping it on after lunch. And the new celeb makeup line that hasn’t even launched yet? Yup, she’s already tabbing the pre-order items. She loves to find small ways to treat herself every day, and who can blame her? That’s kind of the dream.

But that’s also why it can be especially difficult to buy your super-fancy friend a good gift for the holidays, especially when you’re exchanging gifts with other friends, too. The good news: You’ve got more options than you think! We’ve partnered with Sephora to give you fun gift ideas, like cool palettes and classic candles, that your friend is sure to adore. They’re luxurious and pretty (aka perfect for her taste) without being absurdly pricey (aka perfect for your checking account). With these gifts, she’ll be the best combo of surprised and seriously touched.

Colorful Eyeshadow Palette

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette, $59

Give her the gift of a new G.N.O. look. (Hey, it's cheaper than a glam squad.) This limited-edition, RiRi-approved glitter palette that's exclusive to Sephora includes both daytime-friendly neutrals and unique brights, like mint and fuchsia. It's basically a million cool, fresh makeup looks in one pretty palette.

Glowing-Skin Set

OLE HENRIKSEN 12 Days of OLE Glow Skincare Advent Calendar, $69

You know what's priceless? The excitement of opening a gift. With an Advent calendar, you can give your friend that for days (12 to be exact), along with some skin-care essentials. This limited-edition calendar (also exclusive to Sephora) includes bestsellers, like Truth Serum and Sheer Transformation Perfecting Moisturizer, as well as newcomers to give her a skin a holiday glow.

Cocktail Staples

Urban Outfitters Metallic Bar Cocktail Shaker Set, $39

Trick out her bar cart (because she obviously has a bar cart) with a polished cocktail set. To mix up those Moscow Mules — or, let's be honest, vodka cranberries — this one includes a shaker, shot-jigger, mixing spoon, and strainer. And while she's not playing hostess to your friends, it's pretty enough to put on display.

Lipstick Library

DIOR Rouge Dior Mini Lipstick Set, $50

These five lipstick shades are pretty enough to make any girl swoon — and the designer name is a nice bonus. The five iconic hues, all in a matte finish, are creamy in texture, rich in color, and exclusive to Sephora as a set that's limited edition. Expect to see your bestie rocking one at your New Year's Eve party.

A Cozy Candle

Jo Malone London Incense & Embers Home Candle, $65

Think of this as a fireplace in a candle. With warm notes like smoky incense, silver fir, vetiver, and amber, it'll give any room a cozy feel — and will make for an inviting, relaxing atmosphere after she's had one of those days.

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