Upcoming Marches & Protests To Help Out With

by Megan Grant
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The Women's March, although not without its flaws, was a massive win for human beings, with millions of people coming together across the world in the name of equal rights. But the job isn't done yet — not nearly. We have to keep this momentum and take action to see real change, which means there are plenty of upcoming marches and protests that need your help to organize as Trump's presidency continues.

Estimates for the number of women who attended the Women's March in Washington, D.C. put the figure in the ballpark of 500,000 people. In the entire United States, it's estimated that 3.3 million people marched, possibly making this the largest day of demonstrations in our history. Consider how much that number grew with people marching globally, from Antarctica and London to Australia and New Zealand.

Naysayers argue that we're a bunch of crybabies. "What are they even fighting for?" one person on my Facebook questioned. Definitely not safe and affordable access to reproductive health care, control over our own bodies, or equal pay for equal work. Definitely not an end to systemic racism and discrimination. Definitely not the right to love who you love, no matter who you are. Nope. Definitely not things like that.

January's Women's March set records, stole headlines, and apparently ruffled a few feathers with the new president. But in order for this not to become "yesterday's news," in order for this to leave a lasting impression, help spark change, and unite people across the world who believe in equal rights for all, we have to maintain our position and keep peacefully demanding what we, as human beings, are deserving of and entitled to.

The Women's March was a good taste of what we can do when we come together. Want a little more? Here are some other marches and protests that could use a hand. Organizing is one of the most powerful things we can do right now, and every little bit helps.

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Scientists' March on Washington

The March For Science On Washington D.C. is going to take a stand for science. Funding is being cut, scientists are being silenced, and this non-partisan issue is largely being ignored and misconstrued by the kind of people arguing that global warming isn't real. Facts are facts, science is real, climate change is actually a huge problem — and the March For Science will rally against the current administration's apparent disbelief in all those things and more. Help the main event in D.C. get rolling, or work on setting up a sister march in another city.

As an additional note, the March For Science On Washington isn't exclusively about climate change, although it's definitely part of the platform; however, there are also marches planned specifically to zero in on climate change. The People's Climate Movement, for example, will be marching on April 29. Find events near you, or consider hosting one yourself.


The National Pride March


The National Pride March will be occurring in support of LGBTQ rights during Pride in June. Created by David Bruinooge, who became inspired to organize after watching the Women's March, this march is still in the early stages; most of the details have not been worked out yet. The National Pride March Facebook page is growing, however, so head on over there to stay informed and to offer help if it's needed.

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The Trump Taxes March

It's no secret that Trump has refused to release his taxes, despite the fact that every other president has done so for the past 40 years. The Trump Taxes March, set to take place on April 15, is twofold: First, it's to demand that he releases his taxes (which people have already been petitioning for, and currently has 334,217 signatures). Secondly, it's part of a larger protest surrounding income inequality and Trump's tax plan (which, predictably, will result in cuts for the rich). Right now, it's not clear whether there's a person or group of people who are actually taking on the challenge of organizing the march — but it's worth reaching out to those who have expressed interest. Working together is key.


March and Rally for Justice and Equality

According to the Facebook event page, people will come together this Saturday (Jan. 28) to advance "justice and equality for all through the strength to love." The heart of the event will be at the Oregon Convention Center, in front of the MLK statue. At a time in our history when hate is what fueled our current president's win, an event like this is greatly needed.


The Immigrants' March

Update: On Jan. 26, organizer Erik Sanchez confirmed on Facebook that the Immigrants' March has been granted a permit. The date of the march has subsequently changed; noted Sanchez, "Unfortunately, the Mall was unavailable until May 6th, but now, we have more time to organize, build a bigger crowd, and make this the best event yet."

Earlier: Trump's campaign platform was enormously anti-immigrant, and with the signing of the executive order this week for the construction of "The Wall," supporting and fighting for the United States' immigrant and refugee population is more important than ever. On April 8, the Immigrants' March will "unite together and show the President that we will not be intimidated and we demand respect and fairness," according to its Facebook page. Find out more here.

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