5 Tips That Will Cure Your Glasto FOMO Faster Than You Can Say "Sleeping In A Tent"

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For many festival-goers, this coming weekend is the pinnacle of music. Arguably one of the biggest and best festivals in the world, Glastonbury is hurtling towards us like a runaway train. However, the stark reality is that for many, this is a reminder of what could have been. For those devastated they didn't manage to get a ticket or who just could never afford it, this is a pretty tough time. But guys, fear thee not there are lots of things you can do to get over Glastonbury FOMO this year.

Hell yes! You're absolutely not alone and there are lots of people same boat who might well want to get down and dirty too. Minus the actual physical dirt at Glastonbury. You can all rejoice in the saving of money, the avoidance of terrible hangovers, the sleeping in comfy beds, and of course — the use of actual toilets.

Look there is no beating actually being in the field, but with some extra special self care, making the best of a sunny weekend, and of course all your lit mates — you will be feeling vibey AF. And before you know it you will have a big glass of your preferred tipple in hand and it will be "eff effing Glastonbury I don't effing need it anyway." Cheers to that.


Organise A Party

So it looks like it's going to be some pretty lit weather across the nation this weekend. Which bodes well for not only festival-goers but also for barbecuers.

Why not get the barbie on, hook some speakers up to the telly, chuck a load of tinnies in a tiny inflatable swimming pool, and let loose?

And who says it can't be its own weekend affair?


Check Out A Smaller Festival

If you really need to get that big show fix, why not see if there are any small local festivals on this weekend. Not only does that lead to getting a bit of a festival feel but also guys, it supports local businesses.

One festival that looks really lit is Mac DeMarco's festival, which is happening in Margate this weekend. So if you can make your way down you there, tickets are still available for the event.


Go Feel Fabulous At Your Favourite Gay Bar

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Feeling withdrawal symptoms from Block 9, the best queer experience ever that just so happens to be at Glastonbury? Well boo hiss, I know I am.

So why not check out your local LGBTQIA+ drinking hole and see what's going on this weekend?

Although nothing will ever be quite as fabulous as the NYC Downlow, this is a worthy (not farm) replacement.


Pop The Telly On

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Love music and shows but hate people and crowds? Well luckily for you, Glastonbury will be broadcast as always on BBC One and Two. You can get all the details of what to watch and when to watch it here.


If All Else Fails, Opt For A Total Social Media Blackout

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You heard me. Delete social media from your phone and get out into nature. Not only will you avoid all of the smugness of people at the festival but also you guys, you get to be smug in your own way. When you are speaking to your friends who have come back from Glasto rotten with a hangover, you can show them photos of a beautiful trek or something.


Whatever you do to avoid FOMO, sometimes it really creeps up on you. If it gets too much to bear, consider getting saving for next year's festival so you won't have to experience this again.