5 WOC Who Are Changing How We Think About "Good Moms"

Raise your hand if you have an insta-mom! Mine happens to be Tina Lawson —you know, Beyoncé's mom. Guilty. But admit it, you also have one that you secretly admire almost like your real mom. While she probably knows her way around an iPhone camera a little better, when they give advice, you listen. When they share pictures of themselves twinning with their kids, you double tap and become obsessed with their kids too. (This also explains our general fascination with the Beyoncé-Blue Ivy duo.)

What those mommy influencers also do best is use their platform not only for sponsored posts, but exposing us to different ideas on motherhood. They make parenting look cool, all while illustrating just how different motherhood is from our preconceived notions. This all sounds like a no-brainer until you think about your own mother. If you can't get enough of your favorite mommy-influencer, but if your mom did the same you'd be embarrassed, right? Don't feel bad just yet.

The beauty of those mom influencers is that they're probably saying some of the things your real mom told you. It's your special way of admitting that your mom was mostly right about everything, without actually having to admit it. Their online presence not only proves that moms are also women, but that motherhood and womanhood is defined by the woman.

1. Eryn (@Erynamelism)

There's something so unapologetic about Eryn or @erynamelism on Instagram! From the moment you open her Instagram and read her bio, you get the feeling that Eryn uses her social presence for #honestmotherhood. It's refreshing! She challenges the idea that mothers have to cover up or be someone other than themselves. And she does this by leading by example! Eryn knows her way around a body pos post using hashtags like #mombodappreciationpost with thoughtful captions about being a mom and creative! She's also no stranger to posting fly outfits that are two notches above sexy, schooling viewers that the mom bod isn't meant to be covered.

2. Mattie James ( @themattiejames)

If you're looking for endless looks and style inspiration, you've come to the right place. But what makes Mattie James different from other mommy influencers? Her wisdom and authenticity. She serves trendy looks alongside mini me Maizah, but she also brings you into her life as an influencer — and it isn't always easy! From the challenges of learning to turn work off to prioritizing family, she gives insight past the perfect photo. If you learn anything, it's that being a mother or an influencer doesn't make you perfect.

3. Tatianna (@tatiannatarot)

Tarot therapist, mother, and proud Latina Tatianna takes us on a magical wellness journey via Instagram. Her feed is full of daily meditations, tarot card readings and lessons about listening to your inner voice. She interweaves her adorable #babymagic posts with videos of pulling tarot cards, and shares captions with wisdom about the "indescribable" feeling of liberation that motherhood has brought into her life. You'll leave this page feeling inspired, and maybe even believing that there is a little magic in all of us. Scrolling through her feed you get the sense that womanhood is power, mother or not.

4. Brandi Sellerz (@bstereo)

Blogger of site, doula, and mother Brandi's feed is full of little wisdoms about self-care and cool photos in front of street murals, posing with all smiles alongside her two kids. Sellerz said she defines motherhood as "the constant ebb and flow of what is necessary vs. everything else — Self care is necessary. Happiness is necessary." Her work is dedicated to mothers nurturing themselves, and that mothers "implementing the necessary" or self-care she mentions can create a better world.

5. Laura (@lauralacquer)

If you ever thought that motherhood meant giving up your professional passions, Laura helps you think again! And followers just can't get enough of how she does it all. The quadruple threat — doctor, mother of three, black girl magic advocate, and wife — shares the products that keep her sane and shares sweet photos of coffee runs and visits at work from her daughters, and is always ready to share that black lives matter! Laura proves that motherhood should never overshadow your ambitions.

The stereotype often dictates that mothers of color must be self-sacrificing or asexual beings. However, these WOC are breaking down the wall between motherhood and womanhood. Their posts share that self-care, self-love, passion and sensuality do not simply go out the door with being a mom. And while you're at it, thank your favorite mom and even support her new interest in Instagram. Who knows, you might just have an influencer on your hands with wisdom of their own to share!