6 Apps Like Instagram To Use If You Don't Want To Be So Social

vitranc/E+/Getty Images

While the opportunity to connect with millions of people on Instagram might sound like a dream to some users, it can understandably be overwhelming for others. Sometimes, you just want to unwind and look for inspo without feeling compelled to check how many "likes" your post got or comment on a friend's photo. And if that's the case, there are plenty of apps like Instagram that aren't as social.

Instagram has a lot of great features that make it fun to use. Aside from the ability to post pictures and videos, the app also lets you message other users privately, share Stories about your day, and explore different accounts. It creates a space where you can see updates about people's lives, look at beautiful places to travel to, or admire someone's fashion sense. Most of all, you can get inspired off of other people's ideas as well as express yourself.

The catch is, you might want to be able to do these things without having a billion other Instagram users floating around the same cyber space, able to comment on yours and other people's lives. If this sounds like you, here are six apps like Instagram that just aren't as social.


Although Pinterest is still a pretty popular app, its 291 million users are only a fraction of Instagram's 1 billion. Pinterest is a great option if you want to be able to share creative posts and ideas without all the social interaction of Instagram. Although it is possible for people to comment on Pinterest threads and to now send private messages to others, the app focuses more on the content rather than the individual that creates it. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to scroll through a bunch of fun, inspiring pictures without too much detail on the posters' personal lives.


If your main reason for even wanting an Instagram is the ability to share photos, Flickr might be the best alternative for you. The app allows you to edit photos and then share them with a geotag location in a similar way to Instagram. You can still send messages and comments to other people's accounts, but the site is one that promotes finding inspiration, and is less of a personal-photo account. Plus, according to the site's guidelines, you can't promote commercial content. So if those sponsored ads were part of why you strayed from Instagram, you don't have to worry about that here.


You've probably heard Instagram influencers mention VSCO and how they use the app to edit their pictures. But despite this popularity, VSCO is a great app to use to share photos without the pressures of a social media platform. While the app has a great variety of unique filters and editing tools for your photos, it doesn't allow users to "like" or comment on other people's photos. The app keeps the focus on the photography, which makes it a great choice for those wanting Instagram without the social media experience.


If you remember anything about 2012-2014, then you must recall Retrica. Well, it might be time to bring it back. Retrica is an app that allows you to post pictures and videos on your account. It also gives you fun filters to play with (more than Instagram offers) and even lets you create and share GIFs, which is something Instagram hasn't offered yet. Plus, with only about 50,000 monthly visitors, as reported by Crunchbase, an information platform about public and private companies, you're bound to find a small, tight-knit community to share photos with and draw inspiration from.

We Heart It

We Heart It is a site that's similar to Instagram as well as other creative photo-sharing sites like Pinterest. Also available in app form, it creates a space where you can share not only pictures and videos but also articles and inspirational quotes. There is a "Discover" page similar to Instagram's "Explore" page where users can see what pictures and channels are trending. Plus, the thing that really sets it aside from Instagram? You can't comment on anything. This means you are free to post whatever you feel like without feeling the pressure that may come from receiving comments from friends or even strangers.


If you shy away from Instagram because of how potentially serious it can be (Instagram can be very personal for some people), Imgur might be your next best bet. Although the app allows you to share photos and videos (up to 60 seconds long) the same way Instagram does, Imgur provides a more light-hearted and less personal experience for users. Plus if you really love memes and GIFs, you'll find yourself more than entertained with this app.

Just because Instagram might be too much for your personal liking, doesn't mean you have to miss out on the fun of sharing and posting pictures, finding inspirational comments, or discovering new things.