6 Crystals To Give As Christmas 2018 Gifts, Because Your Pals Deserve All The Healing Power

Catherine MacBride / Stocksy

Healing crystals first became popular in the 1970s, with many believing they had natural energy and powers to cleanse, heal, and energise. They've since had a bit of a resurgence in popularity, with many well-known celebrities depending on them and writers such as Emma Lucy Knowles and Aisha Amarfio sharing their knowledge in books set to inspire. Crystals are a great thing to invest in if you believe in cosmic healing, and there are a number of great crystals to give as Christmas 2018 gifts, too.

But let's start with what you actually do with crystals. While some meditate with theirs, sleep with them under the pillow or even wear them in their bra or pocket, you can also just lay out yours around the house. Crystal healing can also involve holding your crystals or even laying them out over your body, but it all depends on what you are comfortable with. Keeping your crystals close to you is the most crucial thing, as you'll benefit most from their healing energy this way.

With all this in mind, I've picked out some of the most popular and most effective crystals to consider as gifts for friends this year. From rose quartz to black tourmaline, there's plenty to choose from depending on what you're in need of...

Renewing Rose Clay Rose Quartz & Chamomile Mask


Nazan Schnapp

Rose quartz is the crystal of love. Whether you're buying this for a friend who is seeking a romantic relationship or who you feel needs to invest in a little more self-love, it's the perfect option. You can buy plenty of plain stones, necklaces or facial rollers, but I love rose quartz in skincare, like this mask.

Smokey Quartz


Soulful Crystals

Smokey quartz is known to be relaxing and to aid in better sleep. You can keep a little bit under your pillow overnight or simply hold it and/or meditate with it before heading off to sleep. This is a perfect present for your insomniac pal.

Black Tourmaline Sliced Pendant Necklace


Not On The High Street

You know that friend who always seems like they've got something stressful on their mind? Give them the gift of black tourmaline, which helps us to let things go and to feel better about stressful situations. This lovely necklace adds an edge to any outfit.



Venus Rox

This crystal is great for energising and inspiring creativity. Perhaps you have a friend who is feeling a little lost career-wise or is stuck in a rut in some area of their life; carnelian would be perfect for them.



Venus Rox

Hematite is the crystal to opt for when things are feeling a little tough. It eases anxiety, helps to ground us back into reality and calms our nerves.

Clear Quartz



Clear quartz is a stone to balance and aid indecision. If you're feeling a little out of whack, this is the crystal to choose. What's more, this incredible water bottle from Goop means you'll carry clear quartz with you everywhere and infuse the water you drink with its powers.