6 Astrology Predictions To Help You Make The Most Of This Month's Strawberry Moon

by Alli Hoff Kosik

We celebrated the summer solstice — better known as the longest day of the year and the first day of the astronomical summer — on Jun. 21, but we're not quite finished with cosmic milestones for the month. The June full moon falls overnight between Jun. 27 and Jun. 28, according to aptly named, and with it comes a host of opportunities to take advantage of the way that the stars are aligned so that your summer starts on the right foot. Bustle spoke with NYC-based astrologist Lisa Stardust to compile this list of some June strawberry moon astrology predictions so you know what to expect and how best to deal.

The June full moon is known to some as the strawberry moon, thanks to Algonquin tribes who years ago knew it as a signal that wild strawberries would be ripening soon, per the Farmer's Almanac. Of all the nicknames we use for full moons throughout the year, this one is particularly sweet... but enough about what it's called! What does it mean?

"The [June] full moon is a time of reflection and inner transformation," Stardust tells Bustle. "We are working through ways to practically grow and expand our emotions. This may be hard to do, as we have to let go of things no longer serving us and bring in the new."

No matter your sign, check out these predictions for the strawberry moon.

1. You're Going To Feel Ready To Move Past The Drama

The ongoing arguments you've been navigating recently are really starting to get to you. At the risk of sounding totally millennial, you're just over it. In order to move past the drama and into a healthier place, you may find yourself in the tough position of having to be the first person in the fight to accept responsibility and (gulp) apologize. Grit your teeth and do it, because now is a great time to shed the conflict that's been bringing you down.

2. You Need To Embrace Friendships

Friends will likely play a big role in your life around the June full moon — and I'm talkin' new friends who you've been hanging out with this summer and old pals who have found a way to reconnect with you over the last few weeks. Stardust urges you to embrace them all! Doing so will help you understand yourself even better... and don't we all need that kind of help?

3. You May Feel A Little Neglected By Family And Friends

If you've been feeling like loved ones aren't giving you the attention you deserve lately, try to cut them some slack. "They're not ignoring you," Stardust says. "They may be busy with their own full moon stories!" Rather than wallowing in feelings of being pushed aside, take the initiative and reach out to these friends and family members yourself. Share your feelings and commit to moving forward together.

4. You're Taking On More Responsibility At Work

You're feeling motivated to step up to the plate at the office around the full moon — and you should. Proving that you can do more in your job will be a major step toward securing the raise or promotion you want... and if you do a good job, the stars may be aligned for you to get it!

5. Your Friends Will Need Your Support

Pay extra attention to your friend group around Jun. 27, because it's very likely that someone is looking for a little extra love and support from you. Your best approach is to listen without judgment before you try to solve all their problems.

6. You Owe Yourself Some Self-Care

"Do something nice for yourself to make sure you feel special," Stardust suggests. "Use the earthy Capricorn moon to take yourself out for a manicure, beach day, or time alone reading in the park. Be sure to take care of yourself too!" Well, if you say so...