Here’s How The New Moon Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign This Month

by Alli Hoff Kosik

There are few things more refreshing than the opportunity for a new beginning. And when the cosmos are lined up to allow new beginnings for all of us, that's pretty much gold. Good news: just that will be happening sooner rather than later. As NYC-based astrologer Lisa Stardust reveals to Bustle, new moons mark a fresh start for everyone, and this June new moon will bring changes for your zodiac sign on June 13.

This month's new moon will fall on Jun. 13 at 3:43 p.m. EST, according to Moongiant. For those needing a brief astronomy refresher, the new moon is the phase during which the moon is zero percent illuminated and therefore impossible for us to see from our lowly spot here on Earth, per Time and Date. At the time of the new moon each month, the sun and moon are exactly aligned, leaving the side of the moon that we would normally be able to see in total darkness. The new moon also rises and sets simultaneously with the sun, which produces a glare so intense that it causes nearby objects (like the moon) to be difficult to see.

The effects of these astronomical events should be generally positive, but Stardust warns that the sense of darkening that occurs when we can't see the moon at night can be reflected in day-to-day life. "Irrational fears come out as we cannot see clearly in the darkness," she tells Bustle. "It's time to turn over a new leaf, commit to a new dream, and make a fresh start."

Here's what the Jun. 13 new moon has in store for you.


Aries, expect your phone to be constantly buzzing around the new moon. You'll be fielding lots of texts, emails, and voicemails — all of which might feel urgent — but you should be sure to prioritize a little down time for yourself too. You don't want to start feeling frazzled... and your popularity can wait a day.


Life has seemed overwhelming lately, so take time now to set some more realistic goals, especially of the personal and financial variety. It's almost impossible to appreciate how awesome you are when you're lost in the shuffle of all the things, Taurus, so step back and think about how you can start dialing back the intensity.


Gemini, Stardust notes that your biggest fear in life is likely that you will be ignored. Because of this, it's important that you're brave about sharing your thoughts and asking for what you want during the new moon! "Express yourself concisely to others," Stardust advises. "Make sure you are heard and seen and most importantly understood. This will be the new beginning you are looking for in relationships."


Your brain has been in overdrive recently as you've worked to navigate trying times in your relationships. Time to chill out! Find time during the new moon period to relax with some binge watching and good snacks.


Networking will be on your mind around the new moon, so prepare to update your resume and LinkedIn profile. For Leos, Stardust says Jun. 13 will be an ideal moment for making new business connections and using your fierce attitude to get the ball rolling on relationships that will pay off down the road professionally.


The promotion you're about to get at work might not seem like your dream job, but you should still take it. The new responsibilities that are bound to come along with it will help you get closer to what you really want to do.


People have been letting you down lately, but you should probably channel your disappointment into a willingness to listen to what others have to say. Situations are never as straightforward as they seem, so give loved ones a chance to speak their truth before you start making changes in the relationship.


June 13 is a great day for you to just. let. go. of the emotional excess in your life! Start fresh with the new moon.


You might be surprised by how receptive people are to your thoughts — and even to compromise! — during this lunar period. The more intentional you can be with your words, the better. Expect to engage in successful negotiations at work and home and to watch your partnerships flourish as a result.


You spend most of your waking hours at the office, but you may not know your colleagues as well as you could. Stardust suggests setting time aside for QT with the co-workers around the new moon. Organize a department-wide happy hour or invite the person on the other side of your cubicle to lunch.


Time to make some bold moves in your love life, Aquarius! "Life is a gamble and you never know how relationships will turn out," Stardust says. "But this makes it fun! It's time for you to risk it all for an exciting new romance, filled with exhilaration, adventure, and fun!"


Your inner values are shifting, and you might find yourself in a situation that tests your ability to accept change and new ideas. Embrace those concepts during the new moon so you can experience personal growth.