6 Meditations To Help ‘GoT’ Fans Who Are So Not OK After That Daenerys Plot Twist


Um, so yeah, let's talk about the May 12 Game Of Thrones episode. Or, you know what? Maybe let's not. Maybe you've already spent the whole night thinking about it and are feeling a little overwhelmed and confused and deep in your feels. Alright, how about this: How are you? Doing OK? Ready for the finale next weekend? Neither is anyone else. Firstly (and, of course, spoilers ahead), it looks as if Daenerys might be taking after her father a bit more than fans who have followed her journey for years would have liked to see — what with her attempting to completely obliterate King's Landing and kill everyone in sight with her fire-breathing dragon kid Drogon despite saying only one season ago that she does not want to be the "queen of the ashes"? Sigh.

All things considered, you're probably tired from staying up late after getting so riled up after that insane episode. And you're probably stressed because, well, that was stressful. And you're probably a little sad, too, given that your favorite show is quickly spiraling toward its final-ever episode. You deserve a moment of chill today, my dear Game Of Thrones stan, and trying out some meditations to help you relax after Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 can be a legitimately helpful thing to consider.

Whether you're ready to dive into an hour-long deep trance or just want to center yourself for a few minutes so you can function through the rest of your week without worrying about what the hell is going on in the Seven Kingdoms, there's a meditation that can help. Check out one of the following.

Anti Anxiety Cleanse - Stop Overthinking, Worry & Stress

Why yes, I do need a high dose of something for anti-anxiety after GoT's penultimate episode, and this meditation video might very well be it. The ambient track that the video is set to resonates at 528Hz, which, according to the video's description, "connects your heart, your spiritual essence, to the spiraling reality of heaven and earth."

Game Of Thrones Music & Ambience | Winterfell Snowfall at Dusk

If you just want to get down with your bad meditating self and freestyle your own zen-session, then this ambient, relaxing background music inspired by Game Of Thrones and the bleak evenings in Winterfell, specifically. This video is three hours long, so you can use it for a deep solo meditation or just put it on in the background while you relax, study, or try to fall asleep.

Guided Meditation: Release Anger & Letting Go

If you're left feeling frustrated about how the penultimate episode of GoT left off, you're not alone. Get yourself in a better headspace with this simple guided meditation that's just over 20 minutes long. It's designed to bring about a sense of peace and uses hypnosis techniques to guide you in releasing negative feelings and frustrations.

Energetic Cleansing and Balancing with Reiki

Reiki, which is a form of energy healing, can be done remotely to help with all sorts of issues — and this ultra-calming, meditative video, hosted by Reiki master Lune Innate, offers a majorly tingle-inducing, ASMR tinged energy cleansing that will banish the negativity away. If you don't feel super confident about meditation, then sitting back, relaxing, and letting Reiki do its work on you is a good way to start.

Guided Meditation For Anxiety & Negative Thoughts

It surely feels good to get into a meditative state and feel a sense of calmness washing over you — especially after the GoT-induced stress we all just dealt with — and this guided meditation video is perfect to help you achieve that. The video incorporates the healing sound (and visuals!) of waves peacefully crashing on the shore, and it also includes guided visualizations to help you center yourself in your body.

ASMR Card Reading To Ease Anxiety

I love me a good ASMR video when I need to clear my mind and relax quickly — but this video takes things a step further, as it also offers am meditative Tarot card reading on the topic of anxiety. Yes, that's right, the anxiety that you're probably feeling right now while thinking about what's going to happen during GoT's season finale on May 19. Listening to the reader's soothing voice and sound advice is the perfect way to relax if you're not feeling like doing a classic meditation.