Here’s The Astrological Meaning Behind ‘GoT’ Premiering & Ending During Full Moons

Courtesy of HBO

'Tis the season (like, the literal final season) of our beloved Game Of Thrones, and everyone is in a lil' bit of a frenzy over this epic series coming to an end. Season 8 has already brought us some major plot twists and shockers, and we know there's definitely more to come in the quest for the Iron Throne. This series took the world by storm, so it's not too much of a surprise that Game Of Thrones premiered during and is ending during a full moon. Pretty amazing, right? The astrology of Game Of Thrones is fascinating, and the fact that the series began on a full moon — and that the season finale will also take place on a full moon — actually says a lot about the show itself, and perhaps even hints at how things will conclude. So let's talk lunar GoT astrology, moon babies, cause there's some significant stuff happening there.

Full moons are almost always intense energy-wise, as they illuminate matters both literally and figuratively. Full moons are a time of fullness, of energy, of ideas — and also a time for release. Bustle spoke with astrologer Lisa Stardust about the significance of the series beginning and ending on such luminaries. "Full Moons shed light on matters," she explains. "The premiere date Full Moon was more of a voyeuristic vibe, while the conclusion falls on an intense and passionate Full Moon."

So what does it mean for the show? Well, GoT premiered on April 17, 2011, under a full moon in the diplomatic, social, and charming sign of Libra. According to pop culture astrologer Kyle Thomas, who spoke exclusively with Bustle, "the series was 'born' on a Full Moon — meaning that it was destined for greatness and huge exposure." And that it was! The intensity of the show coming into the world under a full moon reflects the immensely large light it was able to shine on pop culture and TV in general. And its large-scale impact definitely reflects a Libra moon's focus on balance, aesthetics, crowd-pleasing energy.

And bringing this electrifying lunar energy full circle, the show's epic finale on May 19 will air just after mamma moon hits peak fullness in the deep, mysterious, and emotional sign of Scorpio. "[W]ith GoT starting on [a full moon], we wanted intensity always. With it ending on one, we will crave that same culmination," explains Thomas. "Interestingly enough, the final episode airs on a Full Moon in Scorpio — once again putting it front and center on the global stage." The chances of this happening? Pretty slim — but its certainly indicative of the show's highly visible, flashy, and intense presence and energy.

And what does it mean for the plot? "The ending will certainly be spicy — even transformative for the characters (and viewers, as the program is ending)," explains Stardust. "Secrets will be revealed, if only to the viewers, and hearts will break. The ending will def leave a cliffhanger on some plots." Scorpio is a sign of transformation and mystery. It's also a water sign, meaning its emotional and intense in its feelings. A full moon in this dark, sensitive sign certainly forebodes an emotional ending full of revelations, darkness, and the emergence of new mysteries that may or may not be resolved.

Having the show's finale air just after a full moon in Scorpio is particularly significant in other ways, too. I recently looked at the natal chart of Game Of Thrones (because fun fact: you can draw up a chart for projects, events, relationships, etc. — not just people's birthdays!), and Scorpio happens to be the show's rising sign, or the sign it projects out to the world — which makes the finale during the moon in Scorpio extra significant: "Whenever a Full Moon falls on the Ascendant/Rising Sign of a project or person, they are always in the limelight," explains Thomas to Bustle. "This Full Moon also has Venus (art) connected to Uranus (genius) showing that this Full Moon will shock people, particularly in relation to the arts, film, and television." In other words, expect the unexpected when it comes to the plot twists of the show's final moments.

With the planet of sudden change Uranus aspecting the moon, we can count on chaos and unexpected twists during the finale to be practically guaranteed. And with Venus squaring the full moon in Scorpio, we're going to see some major upheavals related to the love and romance storylines. Astrologer Maia Orion spoke to Bustle and weighed in: "With the Venus premier chart squaring the moon at the end of the series, it’s possible a love story we’ve been following throughout the series and routing for, may end in heartbreak," she shares. But if you've watched any of the show at all, I have a feeling you already knew that.

Ending the show with the intensity of a full moon — just as it began eight years ago — brings the story's arc full circle. This lunar placement reflects the completion of cycles and the illuminating power of the series and its complex, emotional storylines. "We must go to the core of what GoT teaches us and ask why it is so connected to the Full Moon," explains Thomas. "What do we need to illuminate about the human spirit and ultimately shed light upon?" Get out your crystals, let yourself settle into your intense full moon feelz, and make the GoT finale a spiritual experience for yourself. Sunday nights may never be the same, y'all.