6 Meditations To Try After Seeing The ‘GoT’ Series Finale, Because That Was STRESSFUL

Courtesy of HBO

(Note, there are spoilers for the last episode of Game Of Thrones ahead.) So... that just happened. And by that, I mean the real, true, last-ever, final episode of Game Of Thrones that aired Sunday, May 19. I can't be the only one feeling extremely stressed after what just went down? I mean, we already knew everything was going down in flames (literally, King's Landing was pretty much obliterated by Dany's dragon) after the penultimate episode, but the cliffhanger had left viewers totally confused as to what was even left to happen. And now that we know, well — it's not much better, because I am still stressed. It was a huge bummer to suddenly watch Dany devolve into the role of the "Mad Queen," and even still, I'm not over it with Jon Snow. And to boot, I'm sure we're all kind of sad about the show ending, too — cause it's been nearly a decade since GoT first took over our Sunday evening plans. Now, what do we have to look forward to?

Saying goodbye to GoT — especially like this — is likely causing fans to feel a mix of emotions: frustration, heartbreak, disappointment, rage, confusion, and also that generally sad, empty feeling you get when a show, book, or movie finally comes to an end and there's nothing more to feed on. And honestly, the only thing that I can think of that can be done to fill that void and quell that spirit is journeying inward and trying out some meditations to use after the Game Of Thrones series finale.

If you're feelin' some type of way, that's OK — there's a meditation for that. Get in touch with your feels about this confusing, messed up ending to a show we loved for a long time and give yourself a moment of calm with one of the following meditations.

Guided Mindfulness Meditation On Acceptance & Letting Go

There's nothing we can do about GoT now other than accept its fate, how it ended, and move on. This quick and simple meditation is guided step-by-step, so it's great for meditation beginners and pros alike. The video's description says it should "allow you to better deal with situations in a calm and mindful way," and "help calm anxiety, stress, anger, fear, and reduce regret."

Guided Meditation for Healing Broken Hearts

Not to be dramatic or anything, but yeah, I might be feeling a little heartbroken over the whole mess the latter third of the final GoT season devolved into. This guided meditation is a little lengthier (at about 45 minutes), but its soothing narrator guides you through helpful visualizations and other mental exercises to help you find some inner peace.

Self-Reflection Meditation

I really feel like I need to reevaluate everything now that GoT has thrown me the curveballs it has over the past couple weeks. If you just need to get in touch with yourself and find your chill, this self-reflection meditation track is perfect. It uses binaural beats and isochronic tones to help you get into the theta brainwave state, which, according to the video's description, "creates inner space for inner peace and self-renewal, visions of personal growth and emotional healing."

Goddess Meditation: Awaken Your Divine Feminine

Imma just say it: It's stupid and annoying what GoT did to Dany's character. Seriously, how predictable can we get? Of course our strong, female protagonist has to lose her mind and get "hysterical" — and now, once again, men rule the seven kingdoms. It's obnoxious and tired. Get in touch with your inner goddess and embrace the divine femme within using this empowering meditation — made for anyone, not just woman-identifying people.

Release Anxiety, Clear Negative Thoughts, Fall Asleep

Up all night trippin' on GoT drama? I feel you. Get back into the groove of being well-rested again after Sunday night's mess using this ultra-soothing meditation that's designed to be used before bedtime to help you glide into a peaceful, blissful, anxiety-free snooze. The video also includes a remote reiki session which can help to clear your energy and release tension.

In Transition: Endings & New Beginnings Guided Meditation

Everything good comes to an end, and so does everything bad — but with every door that closes, another one opens. Jeez, sorry, how many clichés can I squeeze into one sentence? Anyway, this helpful guided meditation is done by Lilian B. Eden, who is an internationally recognized psychic medium, hypnotherapist, and author, and it is designed to help you transition through endings gracefully to make room for new beginnings.