6 Sibling Halloween Costume Ideas That Aren’t Overdone

Sibling Halloween Costume Ideas That Aren’t Overdone
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Whether you're spending Halloween with your blood siblings or chosen siblings, settling on any sort of unique group Halloween costume that everyone agrees with can feel as difficult as climbing a goddamn mountain. Then climbing back down it. Without gear. In the snow. While it's hailing too. Everyone will have their own opinion on what they want the costume to be, and if you're going for something unique, you might end up running out of options super quickly. For costumes with your brother, sister, or bestie who may as well be a brother or sister, luckily there are some sibling Halloween costume ideas that aren't overdone yet — and it's worth bringing them to the table.

Here, I picked out a wide array of siblings that stand out from pop culture, literature and Hollywood. Many of these pop culture siblings wore clothes that you can likely find in your own closet, while others have more elaborate period costumes that could be fun to buy if that's something you're interested in adding to your costume chest. The vibe of these costumes all differ, so there should be something here for you an your sibs, no matter how much you like to lean into the spook-factor for Halloween costuming.

Richie & Margot From The Royal Tenenbaums

Wes Anderson's characters always make great Halloween costumes. Their styles are just quirky, strangely chic, and totally unique. Margot and Richie, from The Royal Tenenbaums, have an iconic style that will easily translate with these specific costume pieces.

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Add a hair clip on one side, and wear tons of black eyeliner.


To complete the look, buy a tan suit and dress pants from your local thrift store, as buying these pieces new will be quite expensive.

Venus & Serena Williams

Two of the best athletes in the world just so happen to be sisters. This world famous, real-life duo deserves all the Halloween tributes. What's more, if you already have tennis clothes and gear in your closet, this costume won't cost you a thing. All you need is a cute tennis dress and a bright racket. Serena usually wears a headband, and Venus often wears a visor.

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Anna & Elsa From Frozen

If you seriously still can't let it go, throw back this Halloween to the lifesaving Frozen sisters, just in time for Frozen 2. Just prepare yourself to be stopped by every child in your neighborhood, who will want to greet you and talk to you like you're at Disneyland.




Wednesday & Pugsley Addams From The Addams Family

This spoopy brother/sister duo was made for Halloween. Chances are, you'll be able to pull some of these costume pieces from your own wardrobe, because what was once a gothic costume for The Addams Family is now very much a chic moment for 2019 fashion.

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Jo, Meg, Amy & Beth From Little Women

Just in time for Greta Gerwig's rendition of Little Women (out on Christmas 2019), have a period piece moment and dress up as Amy, Jo, Meg and Beth. While the sisters have many iconic looks, they usually have period appropriate (1860s) prairie dresses (long-sleeve, full length, high neck) and either matching hats, scarves, or shawls.

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The Sanderson Sisters

I mean, you can't get any more Halloween than the witch sisters of Hocus Pocus. For these costumes to really hit home, you'll need to nail the hair styles and iconic makeup looks. Anything Victorian and gothic will do as far as costume goes if you don't want to buy a ready-made costume, as the sight of a blond with with long hair, a red-headed witch with messy space buns and a black-haired witch with a hat-shaped nest will definitely scream: Sarah, Winnie & Mary Sanderson.

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