6 Ways To Celebrate National Dog Day 2018

As National Dog Day approaches on August 26, we are all collectively remembering how much we love our doggos. But how on earth can we repay them for the joy they give us just from existing? Never fear — there are plenty of ways you can celebrate National Dog Day this year that will make both your and your dog's day.

If you aren't already familiar with its origins, the holiday was originally founded in 2004 to draw attention to the plight of animals in rescue shelters. Now, adoption events and social media can help furry friends around the country get adopted way, way faster — but they still need your help, your time, and of course, your love.

So while you're preparing your Instagram feed for this special day, make sure you express to anyone who sees it just how many benefits there are to having a dog in your life. If you tell everyone in your circles why you yourself are buddies with your beloved pooch, maybe it will convince them to adopt a pup in need, too! You never know whose human and dog lives will be positively impacted by your National Dog Day post.

Of course, that's far from the only way to celebrate this year; read on to find more.

1. Adopting a doggo.


Local shelters and rescue organizations will be extra appreciative (and maybe give you a discount, depending on where you are) if you adopt a new furry friend on this day. If you don't have the money or aren't in a good position to take care of a dog, try signing up to volunteer! (Every day is National Dog Day, then.) Donations can help, too.

2. Literally throwing a party for your friend group's doggos.


If you and your friends want to gather (at the risk of your own allergies) and turn one of your backyards into a dog park for the day, do so! Make them the happiest pups with pet-friendly snacks, good company, and plenty of off-the-leash bonding opportunities.

3. Instagramming the heck out of your dog.


Bragging about your dog to people on social media may inspire people to adopt their own pets — or, at the very least, remind them to give theirs an extra snuggle. So take those money shots. Apply the right filters. Heck, maybe even make an Instagram exclusively for your dog and your dog only. All happy energy will come back to the pup today if you do.

4. Playing outside.


If the weather isn't too ~ruff~, take your pet to the beach or a nice park. They'll appreciate the freedom and open space. Even if it's an extra-long stroll through the neighborhood, your canine is going to love you for granting them more outdoors time.

5. Feeding your pup an extra special treat.


Dogs may get up and realize it's their holiday, so you best be prepared with some on-hand treats. And there are options out there, from dog cupcakes at bakeries (try Sprinkles!), puppiccinos at Starbucks, to fancy treats you can get at a local grocery store.

6. Buy and/or make over a dog house.


The doggos might not have to be on reality TV to get an amazing home makeover: get them a doghouse for them to rest in the yard, and it may just be a good investment. (Or at the very least, a fun thing for you to build and pose them in front of.)