This Zodiac Sign Will Have More Luck In Love Next Month Thanks To Leo Season

by Kaitlyn Wylde
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Well we all know that Leos are going to be having the best month ever, because that big mood sign never lets anything get in the way of their fun in their birthday month. So what does Leo season have in store for everyone else? If you're concerned about how this ferocious and dazzling month is going to affect you, you're not alone. I think we're all a lot a bit curious about what zodiac signs Leo season is going to affect the most this year.

Not that Leo energy is a bad thing, but it's an intense thing, and we're all on low-key summer mode, so a shift of energy is something we need to prepare for. For some signs, Leo season ignites and urge to get in the spotlight, put yourself out there, be bold and make big changes. But for other signs, Bustle talked to astrologer Kyle Thomas about how that Leo energy is going to pan out for everyone differently. While some signs will be more affected by it than other signs, it's nothing negative to worry about. With a little big of a heads up


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According to Thomas, "your love life will be lit on fire, so feel the passion well up within your bones." This is “love season” for you, Aries, so get ready to blaze a trail to a new relationship or a better page of an old relationship. That's not all, "you’ll also have opportunities for creativity, adventure, and fun," Thomas predicts, so follow the heat and enjoy a summer of passion, you deserve to feel something powerful.



Gemini is going to feel the affects of Leo season in the most fun way, according to Thomas. "You’re feeling the urge to travel and see new horizons, Gemini, so consider some fast and furious trips that you can take now." Can't decide where to go? Thomas suggests going somewhere hot because you're going to be feeling yourself and you'll wan to "stimulate your senses through short trips to new places that’ll bring more magic to your world."



"Part the curtains and step center-stage because it is LEO SZN, bitches! It’s your favorite time of the year so make sure that all of your hopes and dreams are in reach," Thomas tells Bustle, but you had a feeling, right? Think about what you want this month, both long term and short term goals. Everything is aligned for you to manifest your own destiny, so sow those seeds Leo!



You're feeling fine Libra, and you deserve it! Thomas suggests going out as much as your heart desires, even if that means saying "yes" to every invitation. What's more, Thomas says this is your month to meet new people that you'll be glad to have in your life — so go out there and increase the circumference of your social circle.



This is going to be a big month for you, according to Thomas. "Your career is here to roar, Scorpio, so get ready to rise in your industry." Thomas tells Bustle that "this is your most important time of the year to see major growth and expansion in your career, so brainstorm ways you can increase your power," so lean into the desire to fuel your career and see where it takes you.



According to Thomas, important partnerships are going to be on your mind this Leo season. "Because you give so much of yourself into your committed connections, you deserve someone who will also be there to meet you halfway," Thomas says, explaining why you might be feeling the urge to consider those around you and make sure the balance it working for you. "Focus on ways that you can form healthier and happier connections and because it’s Leo Season, certainly have more fun," Thomas suggests.