This Zodiac Sign Needs To Focus On Self-Care Now More Than Ever

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No matter the month, no matter the season, no matter the year, a full moon is always a great opportunity to reflect on the past and look forward to the future. The visual guide acts as a prompt that encourages us to look up, and adjust our perspective — life is always bigger than the small things that are consuming us. On Sun., Oct. 13, the first full moon of the fall season will illuminate the sky, and inspire us to look for our own internal illuminations. While some zodiac signs are going to be super sensitive to this full moon, the specific zodiac signs the October full moon will affect the least will feel less inclined to make physical changes. Instead, these signs will be inspired to meditate, reflect, plan ahead, and set intentions. Aka, these signs can basically just chill and enjoy the beautiful sight of the full moon while journaling and pontificating.

While other signs might feel the need to get out, to be social, to put in extra hours at the office or extra energy into their personal relationships, the signs that aren't affected greatly by this Scorpio season full moon in Aries, are going to be happy to stay at home. Bustle talked to astrologer Kyle Thomas about which signs should be laying out their sweatpants and which signs should be breaking out their power heels. According to Thomas, these are the signs that can rest assured low-key times are ahead of them:



While other signs might be charging forward, Thomas comments that Taurus signs will be taking a step back now. "You know it’s time to rest and plan ahead," Thomas tells Bustle. This means that even if you don't feel tired, Taurus, you should schedule some time to recharge in case you're running on fumes.

Some might be feeling introspective at this time regarding their professional and personal goals, while others may already know exactly what the long term plan is. Those in the latter position should especially take the time to relax, as you've already put the hard work in. "You will certainly be feeling karma sprinkling like rain down upon you. If you have lived a good life, the universe will reward you," Thomas says.



Leo is going to be wowed the the wonders of the world during this time, a much needed pause for gratitude. "It is important now for you to open your mind to see how expansive it truly is. You are focusing a great deal on your faith at this time – whether that be in yourself, spiritually, or in an idea," Thomas tells Bustle. "With so much activity happening inside of you," he continues, "you are being encouraged to take a risk and put yourself out there." Though you're already courageous, push yourself to be more so.



"Partnership has been on your mind in recent months, especially what you give and receive. It is important to be aware of what you deserve and need in a relationship, otherwise you will never know true balance," Thomas tells Bustle. During this time, he recommends, sharing your feelings, good or bad, to ensure that all the cards are on the table. Essentially, this full moon is going to provide you with a good opportunity to be seen and heard — so if you want more, ask for it. And if you need something else, let go of it.



Get your sweatpants out: Thomas tells Bustle that domesticity is on the mind when it comes to Caps. "Some Capricorn could be moving at this point in time or deciding to fix up their space. You are also feeling especially emotional at this time because you are assessing the strength and security of the world around you, particularly within your relationships and self-confidence," Thomas tells Bustle. So take it easy, rearrange your room if you need to see change, or bake a cake, but spend this time thinking about what you want out of life and whether or not you're on the path that leads toward that.



You're going to have a lot to say, so make sure you ready yourself for some heady conversations. "Communication is very favored at this time for you and you could feel as if your mind is ablaze," Thomas tells Bustle. "Writing and speaking are especially fantastic now, and you could have a very special message coming to light. Broadcast it so everyone knows where you stand," Thomas tells Bustle, though he doesn't mean post it on Facebook, he means share it with the people who deserve the message, directly. Now is the time to be as direct as possible.



According to Thomas, you are feeling very focused on your worth and value at this time. "This could be tied to your financial growth and what you own, too. If looking to make more money, you could be in luck because it appears that cash could be flowing your way. However, some Pisces could be noticing an important bill needing to be paid off, so handle the monetary issues so you can bring more prosperity into your life over time," Thomas explains. Just remember that if you make more money, but spend more money, you'll find yourself in the same place. So spend some time planning.