61 Sick Products That Cost Less Than $10 On Amazon

The word cheap has two (very different) connotations. There's the "Wow, what an awesome find" type, and then there's: "Well, that took a fraction of a second to combust in my hand." Thankfully, quality and affordability are both possible with these glorious products that cost less than $10 on Amazon. In fact, you might even find yourself audibly exclaiming "That's it!?" to no one in particular. Cue the perplexed looks from your coworkers, because you just yelled at your computer screen.

Among other things (like their massive selection and brutally honest reviews), Amazon is known for its cheap but amazing finds. Because the pricing is so competitive, it's a wonderful place to find the best deals on products that are genuinely useful, really adorable, or tons of fun.

Personally, one of my favorite feelings in the world is finding an item that actually interests me, looking at the price tag, and realizing that it's significantly less than I expected. It's a way better feeling than overpaying, or — somehow even worse — filling your cart with things you don't really need, but felt inclined to buy just because they're on sale. So if you'd rather spend less money for more sick products, check out these things under $10 that you'll want to buy right now.


This Travel Tumbler That Preserves The Temperature Of Your Drinks For Hours

This tumbler is $8, but a cup of coffee that's still hot by 3 p.m.? Priceless. It has double-wall stainless steel vacuum insulation to preserve the temperature of your drinks (hot or cold) for hours. It even has a no-sweat exterior, a clear lid that closes over the mouth-piece to prevent spills, and a removable neoprene sleeve that's comfortable to hold.


An Extraction Kit, So You Can Deal With Blackheads And Pimples (Without Using Your Fingers)

If you're going to pop pimples and extract blackheads, you might as well do it the sanitary way. This BESTOPE kit comes with five double-ended tools that help with clogged pores, ingrown hairs, and blemishes of all sizes. They're also made entirely of stainless steel, so they're durable, hypoallergenic, and easy to keep clean. One reviewer writes: "Really great quality in the product and casing that it comes in. Inside is a foam with individual slots for each instrument so they don't rattle around when on the go."


This Charcoal Air-Purifying Bag That Reviewers Call "An Odor-Eliminating Miracle"

Instead of musky fragrances or harsh chemicals, this Moso bag uses nothing but naturally activated bamboo charcoal to purify the air in your home (or car). It works by absorbing odors, allergens, and mold spores, and you can reuse it for up to two years if you give it a little sunlight every month.


The Sharpener With Three Different Materials, So You Can Restore Any Knife In Your Kitchen

Designed with an innovative three-stage system, this professional knife sharpener works with any dull knife in your kitchen, and only requires a few pulls to work. Each slit features a different material (tungsten, diamond, and ceramic) to sharpen, repair, and restore, and it has a non-slip base and an ergonomic grip to keep you safe while you're using it.


These Precision Tweezers That Can Grab The Tiniest Eyebrow Hairs (Or Extract Ingrown Ones)

With carefully-aligned precision tips, surgical steel ends, and an ultra-strong grip, these Majestic Bombay surgical tweezers have reviewers saying things like, "I have had many tweezers over the years - these are my favorite." They're especially great at getting the tiniest eyebrow roots or those pesky ingrown hairs, but some even use them for splinters or crafting.


The Pimple Patches That Pull All The Gross Stuff To The Surface

For those blemishes that just need to hurry it up and disappear already, there are these pimple patches to get it done. They're clear, discreet circles of hydrocolloid gel that pull all that gross stuff to the surface, so breakouts heal faster — especially if you picked at them first. They come in multiple different sizes, and there are 24 to a pack.


These Ice Molds Create Awesome Frozen Spheres, So Your Drink Stays Colder For Longer

If you like your drinks cold and strong, Tovolo ice molds are a solid investment. Because they create large ice spheres that melt much slower than cubes, they keep your cocktail colder for longer and dilute it much less. The molds themselves are made from durable (but flexible) silicone that won't leak — and they make it really easy to remove the cubes once they're frozen.


This Three-In-One Juicer That Gets "Every Last Drop"

According to one reviewer, this cute little juicer "excels at getting every last drop out of a fruit," but it's also three things in one: a juicer (obviously), a measuring cup, and an easy-pour container. All parts are dishwasher-safe, and the bottom even has a non-slip coating for more stability while you juice your lemons, limes, or oranges.


This Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper With More Than 2,000 Reviews

Apparently, plaque and bacteria don't just collect on your teeth — they also coat your tongue and produce a sulfur-like smell even after brushing. For a more hygienic mouth, there's this Dr. Tung's tongue cleaner. Its stainless steel edge is more resistant to bacteria and curved to more effectively scrape all the gunk off, and it has rubber handles so you can comfortably hold it.


This Uniquely-Shaped Makeup Sponge That Covers And Blends As Well As The Expensive Brands

Made with a latex-free foam material, this makeup sponge is apparently great when it comes to flawlessly blending your foundation. The rounded side is used for larger areas while the precision tip covers blemishes and adds concealer to the under-eye. It even has a flat edge for easy contouring, baking, and adding blush.


This Gorgeous White And Rose Gold Kabuki Brush For Uniform Coverage And Blending

Ideal for foundations, powders, and bronzers, this DUcare Kabuki brush has a silky yet dense head that offers uniform coverage and blending. Its eco-friendly wooden handle and no-shed bristles come together in a gorgeous white and rose gold color scheme that looks way more expensive than $9.


This Tea Tree Essential Oil That's Actually Really High Quality

Usually, essential oils at low prices mean dilution and additives, but over 2,000 reviewers vouch for this tea tree essential oil. It has undergone rigorous quality testing and is made with only pure tea tree, so it's great for acne, hair growth, air purification, and fighting bacteria and fungi (especially on the feet).


This Interesting Shampoo Bar That Moisturizes While It Cleanses

This strange but apparently "very effective" OBIA shampoo bar helps to cleanse hair, balance the pH of your scalp, and deeply hydrate strands. It's made using coconut oil, shea butter, and rosemary essential oils, and reviewers say it "cleans hair without leaving it feeling like it's been stripped of all moisture."


This One Bowl That Helps You Wash, Strain, And Chop Your Salad

Make an entire salad in 60 seconds with this innovative bowl. You can toss all your ingredients in and wash them together because the slats at the bottom function as a colander. When you put the cover on and flip the bowl over, those same slats act as guides for your knife, so everything gets chopped into bite-sized pieces. One reviewer writes: "It made my life easier."


This Suction Cup Footrest That Should've Been Invented Years Ago

This brilliant footrest adheres to your shower wall using a suction cup. It then allows you to shave in comfort, exfoliate without bending down, or apply lotion without losing your balance. "This is exactly what I've been looking for in stores for years," says one reviewer. "So glad I finally looked on Amazon. It's very easy to use and surprisingly strong."


The Cutting Mats That Are Flexible, Strong, And Safe

Not only are these cutting board mats easy to clean and color-coded to avoid cross-contamination, but they're flexible, so transferring food from the board to the stove is a breeze. It also protects your counters, your knives, and your health, because the sturdy plastic is BPA-free and easy on your blades.


This Spray That Gets Rid Of Wrinkles And Smells, So Clothes Look And Smell Fresh

Whether you're traveling across the country or back to work after the gym, this Grandma's Secret spray is a life-saver. It gives clothes a facelift with its special solution that removes odors and wrinkles, so that shirt doesn't look like it just came out of your suitcase. One reviewer writes: "This stuff really works. I haven’t ironed in years. I just spray this on my clothes before work and in minutes all wrinkles are gone."


A Revolutionary Natural Deodorant With Great Ingredients That Actually Work

The revolutionary all-natural deodorant paste now comes in stick form for your convenience. Primal Pit Paste uses safe ingredients (like coconut, baking soda, beeswax, and arrowroot powder) to neutralize odor-causing bacteria, leaving you fresh all day long. This one even has real lavender essential oil, and reviewers are calling it "literally the only deodorant (natural or otherwise)" that keeps them dry and smelling great.


These Packing Cubes Can Help If Your Suitcase Is Always A Wreck Halfway Through The Trip

Imagine how well your stuff would fit in a suitcase if everything had 90-degree angles. These TraveltoGO packing cubes ensure that your clothes, toiletries, and shoes fit like Tetris blocks while you're traveling, and since the top has see-through mesh, you can find what you need in a second without upsetting everything else. It also has netting, which protects delicate clothing without damage.


This Cream That Heals Feet, No Matter How Dry Or Cracked

Specifically designed for extremely cracked, dry, and calloused feet, O'Keeffe's not only heals, but forms a protective layer over the skin to prevent it from happening again. It's a concentrated cream that penetrates the surface to instantly boost moisture levels, and over 6,000 reviewers are thrilled with it. "My feet have never looked so healthy or have ever been so soft in my adult life," says one.


A Pre-Laundry Stain Stick That Works On Grass, Wine, Or Grease

Remove even the most stubborn stains with the Redecker Spot-Gone stick. Simpy rub the formula (made from palm and lemon oil) onto the stain before tossing your clothes in the laundry. When the garment comes out, the grass, wine, blood, or grease will be gone for good.


A Canister That Absorbs All The Unwanted Smells In Your Home, Office, Or Car

Even though it doesn't require any plugs, batteries, or heat, this Gonzo Air Magnet purifies the air in your home for up to 90 days. The natural activated charcoal absorbs smells from pets, trash, smoke, or mold, and traps them in the canister for good. "Works like a dream," one reviewer says, whether you use it in the "home, office, car or even your gym bag."


A Facial Mask That Removes Blackheads And Makes Your Skin Glow

Made with a blend activated of charcoal and nourishing natural ingredients such as aloe vera and vitamin E, this blackhead remover mask will leave your skin feeling silky and soft. The mask lifts dirt and oil from your face, reducing blemishes and making your skin glow. It boasts 15 percent more absorption and hydrates your face, too.


These Heat-Resistant Tools That Are Great For Removing Pot Liners And Steaming Baskets

Even though they look more like can openers, these unique tools are actually for transporting hot pots, pans, and trays around the kitchen. The anti-skid silicone pad grips onto most textures, while the stainless steel handle can support up to 5 pounds in one hand. Their most popular use? Removing inner pots or steaming baskets without burning your hands.


The Refreshing How-To Guide To Banish Doubt And Cultivate Self-Love

Arguably the most refreshing pep-talk you'll get all year, You Are a Badass is the 12th most read book on Amazon's nonfiction chart. Author and success coach Jen Sincero fills the pages with inspiring stories, sage advice, and easy exercises that teach you to love what you can't change, change what you can, and kick butt in all areas of your life.


These Adhesive Nipple Covers For When You Want Braless Coverage

For those times when your outfit calls for going braless, but you'd prefer a little more security, there's Pinky Petals. They're hypoallergenic, self-adhesive, and reusable, so all you have to do is stick them on for improved coverage and even chafing protection. Plus, since they're thin, discreet, and lightweight, they remain invisible through any type of material.


This Unique Hanger That Holds All The Stuff Your Standard Ones Can't

For all the stuff that you can't hang on your typical hanger, there's this super unique one by InterDesign Classico. It has six rounded hooks that hold purses, scarves, belts, and other accessories, and since it's made from steel, reviewers say it "can easily carry a lot of weight." They also can't stop talking about how much space it saves, since it hangs vertically.


All Your Grooming Essentials In A Travel-Friendly Leather Pouch

Everything you'll ever need for a professional-level manicure is in this GetWow travel set. It comes with 12 tools, including three different clippers, a nail file, and a push stick. It even has a few tools for extracting blackheads and tweezing your eyebrows, and since everything's made from stainless steel, it's all extra durable and hygienic.


This Adorable Headband That's Soft, Fluffy, And Stretchy

This adorable Shintop headband is charming people with its bow knot and pink polka dot design. Reviewers say it's "very soft and stretchy," and since it covers a large portion of the head, it's super reliable when it comes to holding hair back for face masks, makeup, and cleansing.


The Mineral Powder That Absorbs Oil For A Fresh, Matte Complexion Throughout The Day

Refresh your face throughout the day with Innisfree No Sebum powder. Even though it absorbs excess oil so your complexion looks matte, it still strikes a balance between dryness and moisture. That means that skin never gets a white cast or appears cakey, even when used over makeup. It's also great to prolong the look of eyeshadow, and contains no mineral oil or artificial fragrances.


A Daily Journal To Help You Cultivate An Attitude Of Gratitude

The Good Days Start With Gratitude journal is a 52-week guide that helps you focus on all the things you could be thankful for, both big and small. It has a daily prompt as well as an uplifting quote, and since you fill in the dates yourself, it's no pressure if you miss a week — just jump back into it when you can.


The Roll-Up Wrap That Keeps Your Electronics Neat And Organized On The Go

Loved by commuters, photographers, and techies everywhere, this ProCase Accessories Bag keeps your electronics safe, organized, and compact while you travel. It has nine mesh pockets of all different sizes to secure everything from hard drives and headphones to chargers and SSD cards. It even comes with microfiber Velcro rings to keep your wires tangle-free.


A Coconut Facial Spray For A Lightweight Spritz Of Moisture Anywhere

If you can't stand greasy moisturizers or heavy creams, give this lightweight facial mist a shot. It blends coconut, aloe vera, and other fresh botanicals for a spritz of nourishment and hydration without all the oil (or hassle). You can even use it to set your makeup for a healthy, glowing finish.


This Packet Of Facial Cleansing Wipes That Will Make Your Skin Healthy And Bright

These amazingly effective facial cleansing wipes are the perfect thing to freshen your face on the go or use when you're traveling. The fragrance-free, paraben-free products pull oil and dirt from your skin, removing impurities deep in your pores while invigorating your complexion. Formulated with micro-exfoliating lipo-Hydroxy Acid, the cleansing ingredients will purify your skin and make it shine.


This Silky Soft Satin Pillowcase For Healthier Hair And Skin While You Sleep

Comprised of a 300 thread count soft polyester satin, this queen-sized Sweet Dreams luxury pillowcase feels so much more expensive than it is. Not only does it glide against skin and hair without absorbing excess oil (so you wake up with fewer skin issues and tangles), but it keeps you extra cool while you sleep. It also has a zipper to keep the insert in place and is available in over 25 colors and designs.


This Deep-Conditioning Argan Mask That Revives Dry And Damaged Hair

Combat dry and damaged hair with this Aria Starr Beauty hair mask. Made with a blend of argan oil, coconut oil, rosehip seed, vitamin E, and shea butter, it repairs strands, increases moisture, and enhances the manageability of your lovely locks. "Love the smell and it's really made my hair soft," raved one Amazon user. "Great product."


This Collapsible Splatter Cover That Also Keeps Microwaved Food Tasting Fresh

This Tovolo cover does more than prevent splatters on the inside of your microwave — it also has specially-designed steam holes to keep food moist and fresh-tasting while it heats up. Storage is simple due to its collapsible design, it's large enough to be used over both bowls and plates, and it's BPA-free and heat resistant up to 600-degrees for your safety.


This Activated Charcoal Toothpaste That's Way Less Messy Than The Whitening Powders

If the messy powders aren't your thing, you can get the same natural whitening experience with this Twin Lotus toothpaste. Activated carbon charcoal absorbs odors as well as stains and yellowing. It also has herbs like clove to give it a fresh, clean taste, and even reviewers with sensitive teeth say, "I've noticed teeth are getting whiter and not so sensitive."


These Silicone Face Mask Brushes That You Didn't Realize You Needed

To apply your face masks or serums in thin, even layers, there are these special brushes. Because they're made from silicone, they won't absorb your product and they're easy to clean using just water. "It’s a product that I didn’t know I needed until I got it!" says one reviewer. "I’ve been using my hands to apply my deep sea mud mask and it would always go on in globs and took forever to dry. Now, I can apply an even coat."


These Double-Sided Pumice Stones With Two Textures For All-Over Exfoliation

Using its smart two-in-one design, the Love Pumice has a coarse purple side for stubborn foot callouses and a softer lavender side for more sensitive areas of the body. It's made from a foam material that leaves reviewers' feet "silky smooth," and is even helpful for rough elbows and calloused hands.


The Multi-Tool Made Specifically For Cutting, Pitting, And Scooping Avocados

The safety blade cups open the avocado, the textured claw grabs the pit, and the flexible scoop gets all that good stuff out of the shell. The Avoquado four-in-one tool even has a flexible design that fits avocados of all sizes, and it's dishwasher-safe. No wonder reviewers are saying stuff like, "I am buying them for all my avocado-loving family and friends."


A Set Of Portable Workout Discs You Can Use To Exercise Your Abs Anywhere

Want a cheap and easy way to work your abs at home or while you're traveling? These super simple core slider discs deliver a powerful workout without bulky equipment or machines. You can use them to add intensity to lunges, planks, pushups, and other exercises, adding definition to your abs, chest, arms, legs, and other muscle groups. The kit comes with a complete workout manual featuring over 30 suggested exercises.


This One's For You If You Hate Turning On The Bathroom Light At Night

This toilet night light automatically senses your presence and lights up seven different colors, so you can see the bowl without turning on the overhead. It only activates in darkness to preserve battery life, and it fits universally on any style of toilet. There's also an option to change up the colors every 4 seconds if you like a little disco during your late night bathroom break.


These Powerful Bluetooth Speakers That Play For Eight Straight Hours

With advanced bluetooth technology, these convenient portable speakers offer a great distortion-free bass and sound performance. Waterproof and designed to be compact but sturdy, these travel-friendly speakers are easy to toss in a bag or suitcase. The wireless speakers feature simple USB charging and the ability to play for six continuous hours at a time.


This Super Pure Aloe That's Good For So Many Things — Not Just Sunburn

Break out this Brooklyn Botany aloe vera gel any time of year — not just during sunburn season. Since it's made from 99.7 percent pure aloe (without any additives, fragrances, or colors), it's great for bug bites, dry winter skin, post-hair removal, and even as a leave-in conditioner. Reviewers say it's the closest they can get to "cutting their own" straight from the plant, but without all the mess.


This Packet Of Makeup Protectors That Keep Your Eye Shadow From Smudging

Never again end up with smudged eye shadow midway through the day, looking like a strung-out racoon. These fantastic under eye makeup protectors prevent your cosmetics from smudging, streaking, and smearing. They're hands-free and fully disposable. "They are AMAZING!" said one reviewer. "I even use them to keep my eyeliner perfectly straight & I absolutely love them so far!!"


A Highly Portable Set To Work Out Tired And Sore Feet Anywhere You Happen To Be

"I have been keeping it under my desk because I tend to have sore arches," says one runner, while another reviewer writes, "This fixed my plantar fasciitis." The Heal PT roller is a highly-portable wooden tool that massages your feet and stretches your aches to get rid of pain and discomfort. It even comes with a free porcupine ball that stimulates pressure points and relieves tension.


These Cut-Resistant Kitchen Gloves That Make Chopping Veggies Safer

You won't have to worry about cutting your fingers while you're chopping veggies ever again with these safe and convenient cut-resistant gloves. The super comfy kitchen accessories are highly durable and easy to wear, offering flexibility and an ergonomic grip. On top of that, they are soft against your skin and fully machine-washable.


This Secure Stand Charges Your Device In Style With

Because it's adorable, durable, and universally compatible with pretty much all smartphones and tablets, this Adaker stand has a 4.8-star rating on Amazon. The anti-slip bottom keeps your device safe on your nightstand while the rubber cushioning provides maximum, scratch-free protection. It also has an adorable heart-shaped hole to feed the charger through.


The Colorful Grocery Bags That You Can Use Over And Over Again

Not only will your shopping trips become infinitely more colorful, but they'll be way more eco-friendly, too. These reusable bags are made from rip-resistant polyester cloth that can handle the weight of all your groceries. They're also washable, fold up into lightweight, travel-friendly pouches, and even have tiny hooks so you can secure them all to one carabiner.


This Super Handy Sunscreen Stick That You Can Apply Anywhere

Protect your face from harmful sun damage with this easy-to-use sunscreen stick. Rather than lathering goopy liquid on your face, this makes it easy to wipe on your sunscreen on the go. It features reef-friendly, vegan ingredients and SPF protection of 30. On top of that, the sunscreen stick is water-resistant and won't clog your pores.


These TSA-Approved Silicone Travel Bottles For All Your Beauty Essentials

If your massive value-sized shampoo bottle takes up half your suitcase, it's time to invest in these Kitdine travel bottles. The soft silicone containers are easy to fill with your favorite lotions, hair care products, and body washes, and the squeeze lid has three separate layers in place to prevent leaks. They're also TSA-approved for airline carry-ons, and they take up minimal space in your bag.


This Seemingly-Simple Massager That Actually Feels Like Heaven

It's kind of hard to understand just how incredible this Milklion massage roller feels until you experience it for yourself. The cool sphere rolls effortlessly over tight muscles and knots while the handle allows for ergonomic control. If you often get a tight neck after working or sore feet from walking, this little gadget is a must.


These Long, Flexible Brushes To Clean Inside Every Bottle, Vase, Or Pitcher You Have

If you're skeeved out by the (un-scrubbed) inside of your water bottle, you're not alone. Clean every last inch with these TISSA bottle brushes. The long handle and thin bristles can get all the way to the bottom or right under the lid, and thanks to their flexible necks, they can also handle odd-shaped pitchers and glasses.


This Clever Comb That Has Hair Conditioner Infused Into The Plastic

Made with a mix of argan and olive oils, this conditioning hair comb features keratin protein-infused plastic and other ingredients that make it detangle your hair as you use it. It will smooth out your locks and add shine, reducing frizz in the process. The innovative comb boasts an ergonomic grip and easy-glide functioning.


This Wooden Nail Brush Made From Natural, Sustainable Materials

Made from natural bristles and a solid wooden base (all of which are unbleached and sustained through responsible harvesting techniques), this Urban Spa nail brush brings the salon home to you. It exfoliates cuticles and removes dirt with its double-sided bristles for the ultimate manicure and pedicure without ever having to shell out the money for a salon.


These Folding Razors For Shaping Brows And Removing Facial Hair

Remove unwanted hair with accuracy and without pain using these folding brow razors. The stainless steel teeth are awesome when it comes to shaping eyebrows, trimming sensitive areas, and removing facial hair, and because they fold into their ergonomic handle, they're also great for travel and safe storage.


This Handy Tray You Can Use To Make Mini Egg Bites In Your Pressure Cooker

Make instant egg and omelet mini-bite creations with this cool pressure cooker accessory. The little tray features seven compartments you can pour your egg experiments into and pop easily into the pressure cooker. When they come out, you'll have adorable miniature egg dishes that make great brunch items or even potluck appetizers.


This Clip-On Car Diffuser Is Genius If You Want The Benefits Of Aromatherapy During Your Commute

Put a few drops of essential oils on your colored pad of choice, slip it into this COSCOD diffuser, and clip it onto your car's vent. Then, whenever you turn on the heat or the air conditioning, your car will fill with your favorite air-purifying scents. The diffuser is made from hypoallergenic surgical-grade steel, and the eight absorbent pads are washable and reusable.


This Strange Massage Tool That's Amazing For Knots And Pressure Points

It may look like a wad of squished Silly Putty, but this Heal PT tool is actually a brilliant way to work out muscles and massage knots anywhere on the body. The ergonomic shape and carefully-designed finger grooves help you apply a ton of pressure without much effort at all, and even the professional massage therapists in the review section are vouching for it.


This Silicone Body Brush That's Resistant To The Growth Of Mold And Bacteria

Because it's made from soft, non-porous silicone, this body brush won't harbor mold and bacteria like your average loofah. On one side, you get four textures of skin-friendly bristles, and on the other, there's a strap that keeps it securely on your hand while you scrub. It's also BPA-free and won't break down in the presence of acids, so you can use it alongside your favorite soaps or essential oils.