69 Bizarre Products On Amazon That Have A Surprisingly Loyal Cult-Following

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Earning the title of "bizarre" can be a very good thing — especially if you're a product looking to stand out in a sea of products. All of the bizarre products on Amazon that have a surprisingly loyal cult following and made this list share a few things in common, starting with this one: they're not what you would call the norm. They're unconventional. And they break the rules just enough to make customers extremely curious — and then grateful they made the purchase.

But being bizarre can only get you so far. These products are genius weird things trending on Amazon, but above all else, they are effective. They do exactly what they claim and just so happen to go above and beyond the call of duty with a few additional design features that make them wonderfully wacky, as well.

Anyone can sell you an umbrella. But an umbrella designed so that it's inverted and never succumbs to a strong wind — that's special. Air fresheners are a dime a dozen, but the cult-favorite toilet spray on this list that neutralizes odors before they materialize is a true keeper. And the same goes for surprising skin care products like a coffee bean eye cream and a skin solution that prevents ingrown hairs or cool kitchen products like a roll-up dish drying rack that fits over your sink to save space.

Check out this list of bizarre, genius, must-have products that are going to make your life even better.

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