7 Palm Oil-Free Shampoos & Conditioners That Do Wonders For Your Hair & The Planet

Ivan Gener / Stocksy

As the seasons change a lot can go on with your hair. Whether you’re an oily gal or are plagued by dry and split ends it can be tough to know how best to treat your locks as the weather cools. However, it’s also incredibly important to bear in mind how your beauty routine is affecting the planet. The rainforest may not even seem like a factor when you’re buying new hair and beauty products but some ingredients cause serious devastation. Here the seven best palm oil-free shampoos and conditioners available to buy in the UK. These products prove that you don’t need to contribute to deforestation in order to get the soft, luscious locks that you desire this autumn.

Palm oil is the mega-ingredient which can be found in Indonesia and Malaysia and needs a rainforest environment to grow. Therefore, Rainforest Rescue estimates that an area equivalent to 300 football fields of virgin rainforest is cleared each hour to plant palm. This is devastating for orangutans, elephants, tigers, rhinos and other animals who depend on the environment for their survival. Palm oil goes into everything from beauty products to chocolate. However, there are some amazing palm oil-free hair products out there which will help you serve some serious looks and be better for the planet.



Whether you have frizzy dry hair or oily flat hair Ethique has you covered. With no plastic packaging and no palm oil in their shampoo and conditioners it’s the perfect hair care brand to try if you want to be more environmentally conscious in your beauty routine. Their Frizz Wrangler shampoo includes coconut and cocoa butter to hydrate and restore your hair.


Faith In Nature

Suitable for vegans with a totally naturally-obtained smell that will make you feel like your head has gone on holiday, the Faith in Nature coconut shampoo and conditioner is a seriously delicious way to gently nourish your locks. A super natural formula with no palm oil soothes your scalp as well as cleans and smooths your hair to leave you with a lush do.



Hairburst is probably best known for it’s hair growth supplements. However, their shampoo and conditioner do much more than stimulate your scalp. Including wheat proteins that strengthen your hair the products are SLS, Paraben and cruelty free.


Dr Organic

If you’re looking for a shampoo and conditioner that’s not only great for the environment but will also nourish and clean your head and hair, then Dr Organic is a great option. Their products are vegan friendly and their Aloe Vera shampoo and conditioners use natural properties to strengthen the hair.



Honesty is known for being one of the most ethically sound beauty brands on the UK market. All of their products are palm oil- free and incredibly natural. Their lemon and vanilla shampoo and conditioner is seriously zingy, refreshing tired locks and waking you up with an awesome smell.


Neal's Yard

Neal's Yard is such a well- known loved brand. Their range of ethical beauty is impressive. Whether you’re looking for shampoo to nurture, invigorate, or revitalise your hair Neal's Yard Remedies has the product and they all feel seriously luxurious. You should definitely treat yourself to some new, ethical, hair products.



Odylique is another brand that's received serious critical acclaim for its commitment to palm oil-free, ethical, sustainable beauty. Whatever your hair care ailment Odylique have created some gorgeous products to help you combat them. While they may be on the pricier side these shampoos and conditioners will do your hair and the planet a world of good.


It might take a little bit of time to look into hair care that’s palm oil-free but when it comes to looking after the planet it’s well worth it. So many bands are slowly but surely making the move to become more sustainable, whether that’s cutting down on plastic packaging or swapping out ingredients. It also helps that each of these seven brands produce seriously beautiful hair care.