If You’re An Aquarius, These 7 Summer Vacation Ideas Are Perfect For You

Three Female Friends On Road Trip Sit On Car Hood

Aquarians are the zodiac's rebels — rebels with a cause, that is. Never ones to play by the rules and always challenging the status quo, Aquarius zodiac signs have an energy that is fresh, innovative, think-outside-the-box, and totally unique. Born between Jan. 20 and Feb. 18, Aquarius is an air sign — meaning it's intellectually-minded, concept oriented, and quick thinking. It's represented by the water bearer, which I always think of as representative of the knowledge and originality that Aquarius so generously bestows on the world.

We're currently in the middle of a Mercury retrograde period and it's messing up all of our summer travel plans, but the backspin is officially over come July 31 — giving us plenty of time to plan some fun in the sun, retrograde-drama free. That said, there are a few summer vacation ideas for Aquarius zodiac signs that will give these dynamic, optimistic air signs something super fun (and perfectly suited to their tastes!) to look forward to.

"An Aquarius has a strong desire for freedom, but they also love to be surrounded by their vast network of friends," explained AstroStyle on its site. That said, traveling with a group of people (whether those are close friends or strangers!) is going to make for a super enjoyable shared experience for an Aqua. "It takes a lot to hold tech-savvy Aquarius’ attention span — though when they find their obsessions they go in all the way," continued AstroStyle. "Aquarius is the sign of the trendsetter and trailblazer." Being passionate about a place or experience is important to an Aqua, as is being socially conscious, so a little planning and excitement-building before a trip can go a long way in ensuring they enjoy themselves to the fullest.

Without further ado, check out these super fun, exciting, and very Aquarius summer vacation ideas that will give the zodiac's water bearer the perfect getaway to look forward to.

Seattle, Washington


Home to the classic grunge scene of the '90s, the very rock n' roll, artsy, counter-culture vibe is alive and well in the Emerald City. Despite having transitioned into a major tech epicenter in recent years (a la San Francisco), Seattle maintains its alternative roots with a vibrant art and music scene that counter-culture lovin' Aquarians will appreciate.

Overseas Voluntourism


One of an Aquarius' best qualities is their genuine interest in global issues and an idealistic zeal for making the world a better place. Optimists at heart, volunteering for a cause they care about and positively impacting a community during their summer travels is a perfect combo: So enter voluntourism. Described as "vacations with purpose," there are lots of opportunities for international travel that involve work/trade situations in which you can volunteer to help the local community while also experiencing the culture in a more authentic and less invasive way.

Walking The Camino de Santiago in Spain


The Camino de Santiago is comprised of a series of ancient pilgrimage roads, some of which span up to 500 miles, that hundreds of people visit and walk each year (often walking for up to a month straight in order to make it to the end!). Walking the Camino is a social and spiritual experience, and a test of the body — engaging all your senses. Open-minded Aquarius will love the history and mysticism behind this gorgeous pilgrimage, and will thrive in the social atmosphere that involves bonding with a group of travelers who have taken on the same challenge.

Bali, Indonesia


Home to some of the world's most exquisite temples, beautiful beaches, and waves that are every surfer's dream, Aquarians will fall in love with Bali. Locals are friendly, open, generous, and kind, which will make mingling with the community and getting a taste of island life easy for social Aquarius. It's also home to many yoga and meditation retreat centers, which can give a curious Aquarius their spiritual fix.

Cross-Country U.S. Road Trip


Aquarians are a quirky bunch, so what's more fun and stimulating than hopping in the car for a cross-country roadtrip with your closest pals? Open-minded Aquarius will def be down to couch surf and stop at every bizarre-o roadside attraction along the way. Plus, Aquarians love to get into deep conversations about every topic under the sun, making them fantastic in-car companions. Arm yourself with snacks, gasoline, a few rolls of film, and an Aquarius, and you've got a dream roadtrip in the making.

Honolulu, Hawaii


Did you know that Honolulu is a city with some of the world's cleanest air? As an air sign, an Aquarius is definitely going to appreciate this fun fact. But it's so much more than crisp, clean island air. Honolulu is incredibly unique for being a tropical, natural paradise paired side-by-side with the perks of an urban city. The big city vibe mixed with the phenomenal natural beauty is sure to intrigue an Aquarius and offer them an idyllic summer vacation experience.

Group Travel Tours


If anyone is going to fully embrace the idea of going abroad with a group of total strangers, no questions asked, it's an Aquarius. If solo traveling works best for your schedule and interest but you don't want to go at it alone, there are tons of travel groups that cater to millennial solo travelers that pair you with people that share similar interests so you can make new friends and travel with companions. Check out some of the best travel companies for millennial travelers and book yourself a trip ASAP.