7 Erotica Sites To Spice Up Your Summer Reading

Ashley Batz/Bustle

Once upon a time, you had to buy a romance novel if you wanted written masturbation material. But now, thanks to online erotica, that time is long past. There are free erotica sites to suit virtually every kink and every proclivity.

I developed a love for erotica during high school summer vacations, when I'd sneak down to the store by my family's beach house to get Cosmo, hoping nobody caught on that I was really just reading it for the "red hot reads." When I got my own computer for college, it occurred to me that I didn't need to be sneaky anymore: I could search for red hot reads online. Then, I realized that was just a tiny portion of the sexy stories available on the internet (not to mention a pretty narrow representation of human sexual desire, but that's another conversation).

After many a Google search ranging from "erotica for women" to "exhibitionist fantasies" to "embarrassing orgasms" (don't ask why, it's just a thing I'm into lately), let's just say my summer reading list has become more varied than women having intercourse with muscular men on beaches. Here are a few sites to keep you occupied on hot summer nights... or heat up your nights any time of year.

1. Literotica


Since all sorts of users post stories on Literotica, it doesn't always contain the best writing, but I will give it one thing: there's a lot of it. You can search through oddly specific categories, from "mind control" to "sci fi and fantasy" to "loving wives," and browse the most popular stories to bypass the trash. Oh, and the interface is a serious '90s throwback.

2. Clitical


As the name might suggest, Clitical is dedicated to female masturbation. In addition to product reviews and masturbation tips, it's got a library of female-friendly erotic stories and poetry.

3. Lush Stories


This one admittedly doesn't have the prettiest design, but it does have over 43,000 stories. If you can't find one that turns you on, you'll probably at least find one that makes you laugh. For your entertainment, here's the "Wife Lovers" category's description': "These are stories about wife lovers, and specifically concerned with married women. The wife in question may not actually be making love to her husband, and the stories could involve other lovers, either men or women. Akin to this category are slut wives, hot and horny wife stories, wife swapping, and cheating wives."

4. Libida


You may come to this woman-centered site for sex toys and sex ed, but you just might stay for the creative, plot-driven erotica.

5. Nerve


Nerve isn't just a source of snarky pop culture news. It's also got a library of quirky erotic fiction, from a novel excerpt by Pamela Anderson to a story about a woman who emerges from sex covered in glitter.

6. The Casual Sex Project


This collection of real-life sex stories is part erotica and part ethnography. It'll satiate not only your sexual desires but also your curiosity about how other people are having sex (admit it, you were curious).

7. Nifty


These erotic stories are geared specifically toward LGBT people, but they can be hot for anyone, especially considering that the most popular porn categories among women are "lesbian" and "gay men."

Don't ask me why the best erotica sites are also the ones with the most retro interfaces. But trust me: When you're in the midst of a super sexy story, you're willing to overlook it.