7 Post-NYE Masks To Help You Get 2020 Off To A Seriously Fresh Start

Charming dark-skinned woman in sleep mask is smiling, looking at camera and taking selfie

New Year's Eve is usually a pretty big deal, and can be quite a tiring affair. Often involving drinking and dancing, it has the potential to take its toll on our bodies, and more specifically, our skin. The day after any night out, we can feel dry and dull, but even more so after NYE as it's such a long night. But fear not, there are ways to help on Jan. 1, and to start the year right. In particular, it's worth investing in one of these face masks to use on tired skin post-NYE.

If you're drinking alcohol on NYE, this can especially affect the skin negatively. First off, it's seriously dehydrating. Not only does this impact your body and overall health, it really can take it out of your skin, meaning it's important to drench the skin with hydration the morning after. It can also cause puffiness and breakouts, meaning you could also benefit from skincare that soothes and calms, as well as gently exfoliating.

I've picked out seven of the very best face mask options to keep skin happy, whether you've been drinking or have just had a late night and are feeling (and looking) dull and tired: