These Fashion Brands Should Be On Your Radar

The best thing about discovering a new fashion brand — and by "new" I mean new to you, not newly launching, newly created, or in its first season— is locating it, incorporating pieces into your existing wardrobe, and sharing the details and intel of your find with your friends or fashion squad. I love it when I unearth a brand, wear a piece, and all my friends ask, "Where did you get that?"

When I say, "Oh, it's from Aritzia," many may raise an eyebrow because they are not instantly familiar with the retailer, which sells brands that I adore, like Wilfred Free, whose stretchy, vegan leather leggings are the only pair you will ever need to own. I own several pairs and they go with everything from kicks to heels.

Here are seven fashion brands that you need to know about that aren't necessarily newly existing, but that belong on your radar or that you need to seek out on shopping excursions, be it digital or physical, brick and mortar stores. These brands are of all different price points, so you can grab daily or investment pieces.

Happy shopping and hopefully you will find items that you absolutely adore and can't live without.

1. Wilfred Free

Courtesy of Aritzia

Wilfred Free Daria Pant Ankle, $135,

Aritizia is a Canadian retailer that sells so many brands with plenty of wares for work and play. Still, I feel like the store is one of the best-kept fashion secrets, at least among some of my friends. Wilfred Free is one of my fave Aritzia brands. It offers equally trendy and classic pieces, most with lots of flow. The leather leggings look and feel like real leather and stretch without losing their shape.

Courtesy of Aritzia

Wilfred Free Aamito Black Dress, $98,

This cold-shouldered LBD with button detail is perfect for work, weddings, or other warm weather events. Add opaque tights for a Zooey Deschanel vibe when the temps dip!

Courtesy of Aritzia

Wilfred Free Dondoe Dress, $60,

This dress may seem like a total basic, even with the keyhole bodice and built-in choker. But it's made with the brand's Reposa fabric, which is a soft 'n' stretchy, luxe jersey material.

2. Wild Fang

Courtesy of Wild Fang

Earlier this year, Wild Fang did a suiting collection that was work-appropriate and trendy at once. The range was indicative of Wild Fang's aesthetic and mission, which is clearly stated on its site. The brand liberates menswear and likens itself to modern-day female Robin Hoods raiding men's closets. That's enough reason to be "in."

Courtesy of Wild Fang

Equality Button Up, $60,

If you ever thought that the "menswear trend" isn't for you, Wild Fang is here to remind you that it is, that it isn't a trend, and that gender-dressing boundaries can and should be bumped.

3. Mackage

Mackage is a Canadian outerwear brand that specializes in puffer jackets with massive fur hoods and leather jackets. The coats are pricy, but they are investment pieces that will never go out of style and will keep you warm during those bitter cold months.

The brand also sells leather goods, like these expertly structured handbags.

The Mackage collar is epic. The brand's annual sample sales are mad houses. But I have scored several killer leather jackets for a fraction of the retail price by shopping smartly. Even so, I'd nab a jacket a full price because it will never, ever go out of style.

4. Helvak

Pullover Doomlord Hoodie, $149,

If you are bored with band or logo hoodies, Pittsburgh-based vegan brand Helvak makes custom, form-fitting, and stretch hoodies with amazing details, like elongated sleeves and oversized hoods. The hoodies are made to order to your measurements, making them truly custom and fit to your body.

5. Ganni

Peirce Mesh Dress, $200,

Ganni is a Scandinavian brand that I stumbled upon while surfing the worldwide web. The brand sells the cutest shirts and tees. But this leopard-print frock is so fashion girl without being inaccessible. It can also last several seasons. I'm talking, like, years, to further justify the price!

6. Zelie For She

Zelie for She is an L.A.-based, plus-sized line designed by Elann Zelie. The brand reminds us that curvy girls can wear whatever they want, from prints to florals, and it makes choices of fabric and style readily available.

Gorgeous, right?

Lover Dress, $119,

This is a popular silhouette that is currently sold out. It's so stunning. There are plenty more options where this came from on the Zelie for She site.

7. Love Yourz

Love Yourz is founded on the principle of loving your body as is. The Catherine Li-started brand also offers an array of choices for gals with curves.

Black Thin Strap Midi, $28.50, ShopLoveYourz

The brand is teeming with dresses, from LBDs and beyond. You'll never experience that dreaded "I can't find anything to wear" feeling ever again.

If you are seeking fresh fashion brands that you can't get at the mall, you can start with these seven names.