7 'Fresh Prince' Episodes To Watch If You're Ready For A '90s-Filled Halloween

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If you were a kid in the '90s, then you likely grew up watching sitcoms like they were going out of style (which they were). From the TGIF lineup to more grown up but still kid-friendly series like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, there was never a shortage of live-action comedic entertainment filmed in front of a live studio audience. And one hallmark of '90s sitcoms was the yearly Halloween episodes. It just wasn't the Halloween season until you saw how your favorite sitcom fam was celebrating the holiday, and that includes the Banks/Smith family. The Fresh Prince had some great Halloween episodes, and they still make for great viewing today if you're looking to recapture that '90s Halloween feeling.

Although the series, which lasted for six seasons and thus aired during six Halloween seasons, only had two official Halloween episodes, there are a number of other episodes that are worth a look this time of year. These episodes all feature either scary elements, candy, or the supernatural — all things that add up to a memorable and fun Halloween. So take a look at the seven episodes listed below to make this Halloween feel just like one back in the '90s.


"Someday Your Prince Will Be In Effect"

The first official Halloween special of the series is this two-parter from season one. The plot revolves around Hillary's Halloween party, so naturally there are some great costumes and spooky decorations, and the main story involves Will and Carlton vying for the same girl.


"Save The Last Trance For Me"

This isn't technically a Halloween episode, but you still get to see Will act like someone else after he's hypnotized into believing he's four years old. There's also a great scene with candy that will give you fond memories of trick-or-treating.


"Mistaken Identity"

The plot of this episode, which sees Will and Carlton get racially profiled by police and arrested, offers plenty of real world scares. But its Will's Freddy Krueger prank on Carlton that earns the episode a spot on this list.


"Day Damn One"

Ashley getting Will to tell her and her friends a scary story at her slumber party is a classic Halloween set up; even if the story Will tells about his first day of school in Bel-Air isn't a traditional tale of the macabre.


"You've Got To Be A Football Hero"

Will gets drunk and ends up passed out in a graveyard, where he soon meets some spirits who warn him about drinking. It's probably more A Christmas Carol than Halloween, but haunting nonetheless.


"The Best Laid Plans"

Will desperately tries to sleep with his girlfriend who's saving herself for marriage, which draws the ire of Uncle Phil. And it's Phil's maniacal laugh at the end of the episode, coupled with his reading up on medieval torture, that give this ep the horror movie credentials to qualify for Halloween viewing.


"Hex And The Single Guy"

Although this isn't the first Fresh Prince Halloween episode, it's easily the best one. It takes place over Halloween and features a spiritual medium who puts a curse on Will. The episode has everything a '90s sitcom Halloween episode should: great costumes, supernatural goofiness, and some spooky bits. Pure perfection.

These Fresh Prince episodes are all perfect viewing if you're in the Halloween spirit. And if you're not in a Halloween mood yet, then they're just the right remedy to put you into one.