7 Amazing Golden Globes Dresses From The '90s

HAL GARB/AFP/Getty Images

Considering that folks are very much enamored with the '90s these days, it doesn't come as a huge shock that a lot of the Golden Globe dresses from the '90s would translate seamlessly into 2017's award show red carpet. Just take this past New Year's Eve as proof: How many people did you see walking around with velvet dresses, black chokers, slinky sparkly halters, and column dress silhouettes? While those might seems like timeless staples, they were huge fashion statements in the '90s.

From Jessica Lange rocking a cascade of silver sequins in 1995 to Fran Drescher walking the red carpet in sheer paneling that shows off her torso, none of those frocks would look out of place on, say, Zendaya Coleman or Emma Roberts today. There's still vampy makeup and plunging necklines all over magazines, proving that not much has changed in the last 20+ years.

Below are '90s Golden Globes red carpet looks that could easily translate into the here and now — which one was your favorite? Or better yet, which look do you already own? Chances are you already have something similar hanging in your own wardrobe — now all you need is your very on red carpet.

Jessica Lange's Silver Armor
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There's something about long sleeve dresses that feels so glamorous. Lange's 1995 silver sequin dress would win over starlets on the red carpet today — and in fact Kylie Jenner and Cindy Crawford wore similar versions of her dress just this past year.

Lynne Oddo's Cleavage
Vince Bucci/AFP/Getty Images

No matter what decade you're in, a sassy decolletage plunge is always a winner.

Sharon Stone's Old Hollywood Dress
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From the slinky silhouette and the "come hither" shoulder straps to the eye catching sherbet color, the dress that Stone wore in 1999 could easily waltz down the 2017 red carpet. After all, old Hollywood glamour doesn't have an expiration date.

Gwyneth Paltrow's Prom-Like Dress
Vince Bucci/AFP/Getty Images

Let's not pretend that there aren't a fair share of cupcake silhouettes making their way down any given red carpet at a time, whether that's Paltrow in '99 or some other A-lister during present day. In fact, that very shiny material has made its rounds on Hilary Swank, Halle Berry, and more.

Jennifer Lopez's Cut-Outs
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Whether it's 1998 or 2017, playing with strategic cut-outs is always in vogue. Lopez's iconic dress played with pastel colors and nipped across her torso, toeing the line between elegant and daring. And if you're a fan of watching red carpets, you'll know that that very trend has survived the last two decades and is still going strong.

Julia Roberts' Embroidered Dress

While Roberts' 1998 Golden Globes dress is most definitely designer, it also looks like something we'd pay a pretty penny for at Anthropologie — the high halter neckline, the deep side slit, the colorful tropical embroidery all make it totally lustworthy today.

Angelina Jolie's Slinky Sequins
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If you have a body skimming, shimmering dress, it doesn't matter if it's 1999 or 2017, that look is always going to be in vogue. Sometimes you want to wear tulle and go over the top, while others you want to dive into something that looks like melted silver on your skin.

No matter how many decades pass, some looks feel like they'll always be in style.