7 Small Habits Highly Successful People Have In Common

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Have you ever gazed across a room at someone you think of as highly successful, and wondered how the heck they got where they are? How they found the time and energy to write a book, or run a marathon, or climb the corporate ladder — whatever the case may be. Because they achieved some sort of lofty goal, they might seem sort of untouchable, in a way. But it's actually possible for all of us to have similar successes in life, especially if we steal a few habits of successful people for ourselves.

Whether it means waking up early and and setting a positive tone for the day, better managing your time, learning all there is to learn (and more) for your chosen career field, or carrying on after a failure, it's possible for you to get there, too.

"Everyone can adopt these habits," psychologist Dr. Perpetua Neo tells Bustle. "It's really about giving yourself the permission to do these, rather than to be stuck with the old stories we carry." By realizing that you can run that marathon or write that book — or whatever goal you envision for your future, more successful self — you can definitely inch your way in that direction. To start, simply copy a few of these habits of highly successful people, give yourself time, and someday someone might be staring at you, wondering how you got where you are.


They Stick With It

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Success doesn't happen overnight. When you want to reach a specific goal — whether it's graduating college, running a marathon, learning to play the guitar, etc. — it's going to require long-term commitment, and an ability to stick with it.

And successful people have that in spades. "The most highly successful people realize that change and success happens by making small and consistent progress, moving forward in small steps," coach and speaker Scott Schmaren tells Bustle. "It is the consistency of their daily routines and activities that brings them success and they follow those routines no matter what happens."

Even when they're frustrated, and even when they feel like bailing, they remember that it's all about taking things one day at a time.


They Take Care Of Themselves

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To stay on top of your game, it's important to do things you might not instantly equate with getting ahead — such as sleeping, taking a day off, or doing something fun. All of these things might seem like a major waste of time, but they're oh-so important when it comes to being successful.

"Self-care isn't selfish," Dr. Nicole Bernard Washington, a board-certified psychiatrist, tells Bustle. "High performers know that taking time to care for themselves improves their effectiveness ." After all, you can't expect yourself to be clear-headed or creative when you're exhausted or burnt out. So setting aside time for self-care is key.


They Have A Morning Routine

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It may sound simplistic, but what you do in the morning really can dictate how the rest of your day goes — and thus how the coming weeks and months will go — on the road to success. (And that's exactly why life coaches are always driving home the importance of a morning routine.)

"Successful people incorporate healthy daily habits such as working out, journaling, [and] meditation, because starting the day with energy, awareness, and a sense of accomplishment sets the tone for the rest of the day and for success," Marian Bacol-Uba, a transformation coach, tells Bustle.

Of course, your morning routine can be something else entirely. Maybe you'd prefer to go for a run, or cook, or lie in bed reading for an hour. Whatever works for you, and gets you in a positive mindset for the rest of the day, is exactly what you should do.


They Never Stop Learning

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It can be tempting to feel "done" when it comes to learning, perhaps when you finally finish college, or reach a certain point in your career. But the successful folks of the world know that the learning process is never complete.

"Successful people never stop learning," Bacol-Uba says. "They know that learning new things will keep them innovative and creative, which leads to success in all aspects of life."

They might read in their spare time, take classes in the evenings, or delve into research online — anything that keeps them fresh, creative, and on top of their game.


They Manage Their Time

Believe it or not, successful people don't work 24/7, but instead learn how to better manage their time. And they get more accomplished as a result. "They remember that there are 168 hours per week, and time to do anything they need, but not everything they want," Amy M. Gardner, a certified professional coach with Apochromatik, tells Bustle. "They track their time periodically so they know where it goes."

So grab yourself a calendar, and get to it. "Getting on top of your time is something anyone can do," Gardner says. "Just start tracking where your time goes for a week and assess whether you're spending it in a way consistent with your values."


They Remain Positive

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It's so easy to assume others experience success because they're lucky, or somehow "better," but that's hardly ever the case. And people who wind up being successful bear that in mind.

Instead of viewing the world in a negative way, these folks tend to "have a growth-oriented mindset that helps them to pick up the right skills and mindsets, as well as to banish the mindsets that drag them down," Dr. Neo says. Instead of feeling down on their luck, they get out there and make sh*t happen.


They Stay Curious

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Success doesn't exist in a vacuum. People who reach their goals tend to get there by remaining curious, exposing themselves to new and exciting things, and learning about more than just that one thing they're trying to achieve.

"They ... don't pigeonhole themselves," Dr. Neo says. "Instead of specializing solely in one tiny niche, they explore the different aspects of life and different crafts ... because there are many parallels that exist and ways in which one field can influence another. And when you can fuse them, it also adds to your innovativeness and creativity — a virtuous cycle!"

By being positive, sticking with it, and copying a few habits of highly successful people, anyone can take a few steps in the right direction, and be more successful, too.