7 Jane Austen Fanfics You'll Fall Ardently In Love With
by Shaun Fitzpatrick
Focus Features

It's ridiculous that fanfiction gets a bad reputation, because it's basically the best thing ever. Taking one of your favorite stories and expanding the plot, usually to involve extra adventures and sexy time? Hi, sign me up please. But there's fanfiction out there that goes beyond your standard Harry Potter fare. For the Pride and Prejudice fans in the house, I'm here to tell you that Jane Austen fanfiction exists, which basically proves that some parts of the internet at still good.

I've been pretty unrepentant about my love of fanfiction (I've written about it here and here), and I'll continue defending it until the day I die. In fact, I have a couple of brilliant, nerdy friends with whom I like nothing more than to read erotic Harry Potter and X-Men fan fiction out loud, usually at the top of our lungs and in public places. My fanfiction preferences typically fall into the fantasy genre, but recently I decided I needed to expand my horizons. Class up the joint a little bit, if you will. So I went looking for Jane Austen fanfiction.

Guess what? There's a thriving Jane Austen fanfiction online community, proving that there's at least a tiny sliver of the internet that's still good and pure. So, I poured myself a cup of tea and spent hours (literally hours) reading about the further adventures of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy (an overwhelming amount of the stories out there are based on Pride and Prejudice). I picked my favorite seven to help you ease into the world of Jane Austen fan fiction. For further reading, check out Derbyshire Writers' Guild, Austen Interlude, and Mrs. Darcy's Story Site.

And, in case you were wondering, yes, I did read a number of fanfiction about Mr. Darcy's and Elizabeth's wedding night, and I giggled like a schoolgirl through all of them. I've included one for your reading pleasure.

"In a Prudential Light" by Roslyn W.

What if Elizabeth did marry Mr. Collins? In this retelling, Mr. Bennett dies in an accident and Elizabeth is forced to marry Mr. Collins to keep her family from losing their home. However, the attraction between her and Mr. Darcy can't be denied, even if she is a married woman...

Read it here.

"Cursed" by HeatherLynn

It seems Mr. Darcy has pissed off the wrong woman, and now he's under a curse that renders him invisible. Elizabeth, thinking him dead, visits his estate to pay her respects, but encounters a ghost-like Darcy instead. Any guesses as to who's the only woman who can break his curse?

Read it here.

"Doctor Russel Practices Persuasian" by Grace

Finally, a non-PP one! In this modern retelling of Persuasion, Anne is a college student looking to escape her vain and social status-obsessed family, while Frederick is a dropout-turned-tech genius. Of course, her family will never accept his lack of pedigree. This one isn't complete yet, so keep an eye out for more chapters.

Read it here.

"Parson's Pleasure" by Malena

A classic case of mistaken identity. Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth first meet while each is taking a swim in a creek (both naked or nearly naked, I might add). An accident leaves Mr. Darcy unconscious and, later, without his memory. The Bennets are convinced that he is Mr. Collins, come to propose marriage to Elizabeth. Mr. Darcy, meanwhile, has no idea if he's Mr. Collins or not.

Read it here.

"The Power of a Sword" by Peter

Most fan fiction pieces take some creative liberties with the original text, but this one might take the cake. While drunk at a ball, Lydia accidentally (and gruesomely) kills two members of her family. Luckily, their deaths pave the way for the happy endings of the rest of the characters. Admittedly this one is a little bizarre, but worth reading, even if only for the "wait, what?" factor.

Read it here.

"In All Their Glory" by Lee

I had to give you at least one NSFW story, right? I mean, half the fun of fan fiction is seeing your favorite couples in X-rated situations. Luckily, this one actually has decent writing to back up all the sex stuff. Elizabeth walks in on Mr. Darcy, er, preparing himself for their wedding night. Obviously, sexiness ensues.

Read it here.

"Life is Better with Animals" by Carthia

Set in modern day England, Elizabeth is a country vet and Mr. Darcy is a famous neurosurgeon. Their friends are certain they're perfect for each other, but the two don't really start off on the right foot (actually, Elizabeth almost hits Mr. Darcy with her car). Spoiler: their animosity eventually turns into romantic tension.

Read it here.