7 Kylie Jenner Valentine's Day Cards To Buy

As you might be aware, Valentine's Day is just coming up quickly. With just over a week to go, the air is thick with all things lovey dovey, from candy hearts to dinner for two and everything in between.

There are plenty of ways to spend the romantic holiday, whether it's an anti-Valentine's Day evening, a Galentine's Day, a Treat Yourself night, or the traditional date night with your significant other.

No matter how you decide to celebrate, it's always nice to get a little card, right? Of course, a card with Kylie Jenner is even better, and it looks like others are getting the hint. Whether you've been a faithful fan since day one or are just a fan of pop culture, it's no secret that Kylie can certainly bring out some feelings, especially for those who are obsessed with the Kylie Cosmetics brand.

What's a more festive way to celebrate the day of love with the Kylie Cosmetics Valentine's Day bundle (which includes two brand new blushes and exclusive lip kits and Kyshadows) and a Kylie-themed card? Fun, cheeky, stylish, and fabulous, handing someone one of these on V-Day will definitely make them smile, if not laugh out loud.

1. Big Kylie Kiss


Kylie Jenner Card, $4.00,

Kisses from Kylie are the best kind.

2. Lip Love


Kylie Jenner Funny Printable Love Card, $3.96,

I'm obsessed with this one.

3. Realizing Stuff


Like Realizing Stuff Kylie Jenner Greeting Card, $4.19,

Realizing stuff like love.

4. Galentine's Day Card


Funny Friend Card, $4,

Guaranteed to put a smile on your friend's face.

5. Kyshadow Love


Kyshadow Kylie Cosmetics Thank You Cards, $6.00,

Nothing shows your love more than getting your Kyshadow-obsessed honey these cards.

6. Couple Goals


You're the Tyga to my Kylie Valentines Day Card, $4.75,

Are Kylie and Tyga your goals? This is the card for your sweet thang.

7. Best Friends Card


Kylie to my Kendall Card, $4.50,

For the girl you simply can't live without.