7 Little Tweaks To Your Bedtime Routine That'll Make You Feel Less Anxious The Next Day

Ashley Batz/Bustle

Your nighttime routine isn't just about getting ready to fall asleep; it's actually a really important aspect of preparing for the next day in full. If you have anxiety, your bedtime rituals can be even more important. Nighttime anxiety relief can be a very proactive form of self-care, potentially making you feel much less anxious the next day.

The key to tweaking your bedtime routine to help mitigate anxiety is finding ways to ensure better sleep. "What you do before you go to bed is what affects your anxiety the next day because it affects how you sleep," Rachel Wright, a licensed marriage therapist and co-founder of Wright Wellness Center, tells Bustle. "The chemicals that get released in your brain to help keep it happy and mellow are released during good, deep sleep. So, if you're not getting good and deep sleep, those chemicals aren't released and you're more likely to experience symptoms of anxiety the next day." And getting good sleep isn't all about regulating your bedroom's temperature or taking melatonin. There are a bunch of tiny changes you can pick and choose from that might help keep your mind at ease just enough to improve your sleep, and relieve some anxiety in the process.

Here are seven little tweaks to make to your bedtime routine that'll help you feel much less anxious the next day, according to experts.