7 Major Dating Turn-Offs Our Parents Never Had


If you've ever wondered why online dating doesn't work for you or why you have trouble getting a second date, Match's 2016 Singles In America survey may have the answer for you. Because they surveyed over 5,000 singles across America, ages 18-70+, on all things dating to find out what singles are looking for, how we're dating and having sex, what works, and what doesn't work. And some of the turn-offs they found are really fascinating. Even more interesting — a lot of them are modern day phenomenons.

That's right, in addition to traditional dating awkwardness and incompatibility, the technology age has ushered in a whole lot of annoyances and turn-offs that our parents and other generations never had to deal with. And while a lot of them obviously have to do with our phones (because phubbing is the worst and we're all way too attached to them), others came down to social media behaviors and politics.

So if you're wondering if you're the *only* one who gets annoyed when someone puts their phone face up on the table, or you're just trying to figure out why you have trouble getting the second date, there are definitely some helpful hints in here. Here are the turn-offs that our parents never had to deal with:


Being Attached To Your Phone During A Date

It sounds obvious, but it also sounds super common since many of us are attached to our phones. Three quarters of people find it rude if you answer your phone on a first date without any explanation. Sixty-six percent don't like you texting during a date 58 percent don't even want you having your phone face-up on the table. In fact 57 percent don't even like you reading an occasional text during your date, so it's best to just leave the phone away. You'll survive without it, I promise.


Having Incompatible Smartphones

It turns out that iPhones versus Androids is basically the Bloods and the Crips of modern dating. Basically, the survey found that not having the same phone (aka smartphone incompatibility) as your date is leading to judgement. Let's all calm down, people. They're just phones.


Being Too Active On Social Media

Half of us don't like people who are too active on social media. So maybe stop Instagramming your smoothies before a date.


But Complaining On Facebook Is Worse

Yup, more than half — 58 percent of us — think that complaining on Facebook is a turn off. The LiveJournal era is over, guys, we just need to let it go.


Trump Is Turn-Off

Talk about the popular vote. Forty-four percent of singles dislike anyone who voted for Trump, which I think is just 56 percent lower than that number should be.


And So Is Political Apathy

With how upset people are by the 2016 election, it's not that surprising that not voting at all was a turn off. In fact, 42 percent said that not voting was a turn-off, so it's time to get your politics on.


Over A Third Of Us Don't Like When Someone Has Too Many Projects

Thirty-seven percent of respondents said that too many job changes or "projects'" was a turn off. And if you've ever been out with a DJ/cinematographer/Instagram 'celeb', you'll know why.

It may seem like there are so many turn-offs that you're going to get nervous or feel bound to eff up, but the truth is, they're mostly all common sense and basic politeness. Don't answer your phone, don't go nuts on social media, and don't support Trump. Simple.