7 Meditations To Help You Relax Before This Week’s Spring Equinox

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Winter is basically over, peeps! Throw your parkas and scarves and long-sleeved garments out the window, cause the Spring Equinox is just around the corner and it's time for flowers blooming, birds chirping, and hopefully some glimmers of sunshine. Fine, maybe don't actually throw out your winter wardrobe (not yet, anyway), but come Mar. 20 it will in fact be spring. Every year there are two equinoxes: One in spring, and one in autumn. They mark the two days of the year when there are equal parts daylight and night, and they kick of the seasons of spring and autumn, respectively.

The start of spring is an auspicious time that can be really energetically and spiritually inspiring and invigorating. In many Pagan-based spirituality practices, this celestial event is known as Ostara. "Ostara is a time of new fire. The light and dark are in perfect balance, but the light is growing and the Sun is about to burst forth with new energy," explained Earth Witchery on its site. "It is a season of fertility and growth." Because the Spring Equinox marks the moment that the days begin getting longer, we're all going to feel the energy of hope, new life, and fresh starts.

With so much happening in our busy lives, it can be difficult to slow down and reflect on what our goals are for the coming season. Meditations for the Spring Equinox can be super helpful for checking in with yourself so you can be sure you're making the most of the celestial magic that's taking place.

Carve out a few minutes for yourself come Mar. 20 so you can take advantage of the prosperous vibes and honor the change of the seasons by doing a quick, simple meditation practice for the Spring Equinox.

Spring Equinox Meditation: Plant Your Seeds, Nurture Your Dreams, Rise into Your Potential

Are you ready to set some springtime goals? Doing an intention-setting meditation to acknowledge the Vernal Equinox is a gorgeous way to honor the change of season and start manifesting your fresh goals. According to this meditation video's description, it will help "plant the seeds of our dreams, cleanse our soil to make space for what we need, and visualize our life in it’s highest potential — just like how the world blossoms into it’s potential during the spring.

Vernal Equinox Guided Meditation

With background music recorded at a soothing 432hz, this gentle guided meditation will help you sail into the Spring Equinox with love, gratitude, and compassion.

Relaxing ASMR Reiki Session For Spring, Growth, Expansion

Who doesn't need a lil' free reiki to help soothe the nerves during this seasonal transition? This ASMR-based meditation is led by a reiki master, and is designed to be used as we embark on the springtime.

Spring Equinox Guided Meditation

This invigorating, yoga-based meditation is the perfect way to recharge as you navigate the shift of seasons. "In this guided meditation you'll be invited to contemplate some questions to help you plant some seeds to germinate in the coming spring season," explained the video's description. Check in with yourself and give your mind and spirit a nice warm bath.

Spring Rebirth Meditation: Let Your Bloom On The First Day Of Spring

This ultra-soothing, hour-long meditation video was designed to be used on the day of the Spring Equinox on Mar. 20, so set an hour aside to get in touch with yourself, quiet your mind, and enjoy the new energy.

⚛ Goddess Guided Meditation For Spring ⚛

If you're into Goddess work (or just want to channel your own ~inner goddess~ during the equinox), this guided meditation is perfect. This soothing meditation tells the spring-themed myth of goddess Persephone, and is accompanied by relaxing nature-based visuals.

March Equinox "Victory Now" Meditation

If you're trying to build momentum when it comes to your goals, the Spring Equinox is offering up a really prosperous window of opportunity. Jump on it by getting in touch with yourself and your needs through this soothing meditation, made to be used on the day of the equinox.