Trader Joe's Just Dropped 7 New Products That Will Make Dessert Lovers Swoon

Trader Joe's

Dessert, from the Latin desserte, which, loosely translated, means food meant to be enjoyed in moderation but you should probably eat it with every meal anyway. (I said loosely translated!) If you've got a serious sweet tooth and want delicious treats that are both expertly crafted and reasonably priced, there are seven new desserts to try at Trader Joe's that will have you seeing sweet treats in a whole new light.

There's something special about Joe's. Maybe it's the cheerful employees in the Hawaiian shirts. Maybe it's the fresh flowers. Maybe it's the fact that they'll let you sample literally anything in the store before you commit to buying it, which is especially amazing because sometimes, I need a snack while I'm doing my grocery shopping.

Side bar: How can I get one of those Hawaiian shirts?

Trader Joe's has experienced a renaissance of sorts, as people have suddenly become aware of how amazing it is. (I always knew this, FYI.) Last year, they completely outdid themselves with their advent calendar for dogs.

More recently, someone spotted pancake bread at Trader Joe's, and get TF out of my way because I want all of it. Breakfast is going to be lit.

Their seasonal fall items put other stores' pumpkin offerings to shame.

And I'll spare you my monologue on how orgasmic Trader Joe's plantain chips are.

Seriously, guys? They're so perfectly crunchy and crispy, and if you love salty snacks, your mouth won't know what hit it. Plus! They *actually* taste like potato chips, but they're plantains! Which means they're healthier! Which means you can eat more!

Next time you're in Joe's neighborhood and you've got a hankering for something sweet, here are seven desserts to nibble on (/devour whole).


Dark Chocolate Sunflower Seed Butter Cups

Joe decided to #bless people with nut allergies and give us dark chocolate sunflower seed butter cups, which — not going to lie — are so good that you're going to want to inhale them, even if peanuts don't give you hives.


Chocolate Covered Wafer Cookie

If you ever felt the urge to get naked and swim in chocolate (omg me too!), the answer is Joe's new chocolate covered wafer cookies. Three layers of irresistible wafers are filled with chocolate cream, and then the whole damn thing is covered in more chocolate.


Chocolate Chip Pain Au Lait

You're going to sound incredibly ~fancy~ and cultured when you tell all your friends you're serving chocolate chip pain au lait for dessert. My favorite thing to do is destroy the package and pretend I made it myself. Word on the street is this stuff is très délicieux when paired with coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.


Chocolate Salted Caramel Mug Mix

How would you like to have a decadent, luxurious, perfectly portioned dessert in less than two minutes? That's what you get when you nosh on Joe's chocolate salted caramel mug mix. Each box contains enough to make two mug cakes, which means you'll need approximately 50 boxes to make it through the week.


Joe-Joe's Slims

You know the traditional Joe-Joe, right? What am I saying. Of course you do. Trader Joe's Joe-Joe's Slims are a slimmer, crispier version ideal for snacking. Don't worry — they're still creamy and crunchy and chocolatey and flawless.


Vegan Banana Bread

Herbivores and meat eaters alike will got nuts for Joe's vegan banana bread, so scrumptious it'll have you saying, "Holy sh*t, that's vegan?" I use the word "moist" sparingly because it makes my soul shrivel, but, I mean, just look at it.


Soft Honey Nougat With Almonds

Forget what you know about nougat, because Joe's soft honey nougat with almonds is operating on a different wavelength. They're individually wrapped in perfect, bite-size pieces, which means you can eat as many as you want. Don't fact-check me on this. It's true.