The Body Shop's New Face Wash Uses The Wonky Carrots People Won't Eat

Body Shop/Inc.redible/Laura Mercier/Beauty Pie

Although I just got back from holiday, I kind of feel like I need another one. From taking early flights to being bitten all over by mosquitos, holiday's can actually sometimes be pretty tiring! For this reason, I've been on the hunt for the very best new makeup, skincare and hair products to perk up my tired skin and uneven body texture.

I am most excited to try the new INC.redible You Glow Girl Body Blur, which smoothes, adds a hint of colour, and hides any imperfections such as bites and bruises. Dreamy. I am then planning to treat myself to a face mask for reactive skin to soothe my dried out post-sunshine face, such as the new addition to the Patchology line. The Beauty Pie Superdose Vitamin C Oxygen Boosting Moisturiser will also inject my skin with some moisture and a much needed dose of antioxidants. Makeup-wise, I will then be trying the new Laura Mercier hydrating mascara, and Bareminerals' Clean Glow range for a radiant finish.

Also out this week is a vegan, super sustainable face cleanser by The Body Shop, and a plastic-free stimulating shampoo bar from Lush Cosmetics. Essentially, there's a bunch of great stuff to try out this week and beyond, so shop away!