5 Beauty Products Out This Week, Including Charlotte Tilbury's Refillable Lipsticks

Charlotte Tilbury

The sun's finally out and it almost, sort of, maaaybe feels like British summer is on the way, so I'm making the most of this time to wear my brightest, happiest makeup and maybe even dye my hair a new colour. This week's new beauty launches have enabled me to do that with ease, and there are some really great bits out that I know beauty fans will be all over.

First up, in makeup, there's a huge new collection of lipsticks by Charlotte Tilbury to play with. The range has an impressive 11 shades, which range from a sheeny clear hue to shocking reds and beautiful hot pinks that pack a real punch. Colours like these don't require a full face of makeup, and actually look best when worn with a toned down look. This is why the new Glossier Brow Flick is the perfect companion to the new bright lipsticks; it offers polished, perfect brows that require little more. And when you want to take it all off and collapse into bed? That's what the new Little Mix x Simple face wipes are for!

Elsewhere, there's an exciting new face mist out from one of my favourite indie skincare brands Disciple, and a hair toner by Bleach London I am just itching to get my hands (and hair) on.

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