7 Of The Best Depop Stores You Should Get To Know Before Everyone Else Does

Bisual Studio/Stocksy

Depop is well on its way to taking over eBay — especially for the younger generation. So if you've been sleeping on this social shopping revolution, here's a quick rundown. Depop is an app that looks a little like Instagram, but serves the same purpose as eBay. Users sell both new and pre-worn items for super affordable prices, allowing you to start a new eco-friendly shopping strategy. Some sellers have even gained "fame" for their high-quality items. With that in mind, here are the best Depop stores to know about right now.

Every single one of us knows that constantly buying new clothes is only harming the environment. But Depop is an ethical way to satisfy your fashion habit. According to the Evening Standard, 13 million people currently use the app. Many buy vintage pieces, contributing to the circular fashion economy that encourages reuse and rewear. But even buying something relatively new is still opting into the secondhand movement.

The company, thanks to its sellers, prides itself on staying ahead of the curve when it comes to trends and sustainability, reports the Evening Standard. It helps top sellers find biodegradable packaging and is hoping to collaborate with brands by giving excess fabric to Depop sellers that create their own wares.

So if you're looking for your next festival ensemble or a truly individual piece, step this way.

1. Serotonin Vintage

Started by two twenty-something siblings, Serotonin Vintage not only runs a Depop store, but also a London-based emporium. A huge range of vintage designer pieces can be found both in-store and online. So if you're in the mood for a super loud print or designer denim for less than £40, you're in the right place.

2. Sold Soles

If you're a massive trainer fan, Sold Soles will be your dream Depop store. Not only does it sell all the styles you've missed out on, but it even sometimes offers discounts. Currently, there's rare pieces from Adidas, Nike, Puma, and more.

3. Lily Allen

Who knew that the Lily Allen was on Depop? Yes, the sound of your teenage years is a regular seller of her wardrobe gems. And they're super affordable. There's pretty summer dresses coupled with sporty jackets and stand-out prints.

4. Fifi's Closet

Fiona Short, the owner of Fifi's Closet, has garnered a whopping 167,000 followers on Depop. All of her pieces are sustainably sourced and run the gamut from striking festival looks to everyday staples. The best part? Most will cost you less than £30.

5. Seol + Gold

Whether you're on the lookout for dainty necklaces or statement rings, Seol + Gold has it all. Designed in sterling silver, 18 carat vermeil, or nine carat gold, their pieces promise not to break the bank.

6. Chiara Ferragni

Mega influencer Chiara Ferragni, otherwise known as The Blonde Salad, sells pre-worn designer pieces in impeccable condition. Instead of waiting for the January sales, why not head straight to her Depop for discounted shoes, bags, and more?

7. Ella-Louise

Fancy a new pair of dungarees? How about a boho jumpsuit? Or even the perfect pair of floaty summer shorts? Ella-Louise has them all. Plus, she sends everything in eco-friendly packaging for a little extra planet-saving.

With these lot, you'll never have to buy new ever again.