7 Organizations To Support On Latinx Women's Equal Pay Day

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It's been over 50 years since the passage of the Equal Pay Act, and there are still vast disparities between how much women make compared to men — and this is especially true for women of color. In 2019, Latinx women are paid only 54 cents for every dollar a white man makes, whereas women overall earn about $0.79 cents to the dollar. If you find this pay gap to be flat-out unacceptable, you could consider donating to organizations that support Latinx Women's Equal Pay Day and other efforts to close the gender wage gap on Nov. 20.

There's a number of "equal pay days" throughout the year, and each of them are aimed at acknowledging the time it takes for a certain group of women to earn as much as a white man on average. Latinx women's Equal Pay Day is the last of its kind for the year, as the wage gap is largest for Latinx women, per the National Women's Law Center.

In 2019, to put it into perspective, a Latinx woman has to work 23 months to earn what a white man can earn on average in 12 months, according to Equal Pay Today, a campaign to end pay inequality. What's more, this gap is actually getting worse, as Latinx Women's Equal Pay Day was on Nov. 1 last year. This means that Latinx women had to work an additional 19 days longer in 2019 than they did in 2018 in order to earn the same as white men.

Here are some organizations who are working tirelessly to change this fact as quickly as possible, and they could all use your donations:

American Association Of University Women

The American Association of University Women works to promote "equity and education for women and girls," per its site. Among other initiatives, the organization offers workshops and online tools to help them negotiate their salaries.

Equal Pay Today

Equal Pay Today is an Equal Rights Advocates campaign that aims to eradicate the pay gap for all who are disenfranchised by it. The program uses "an innovative collaboration of national, regional, and state-based women's legal advocacy and worker justice groups" to move towards that goal. It focuses on pay inequality, workplace harassment, and other relevant topics for the Latinx community.

The Equal Payback Project

The Equal Payback Project is a campaign that's been run by the National Women's Law Center for over four decades. The legal center specifically pushes for legislation that helps to decrease the pay gap, and is funded by donations and an annual crowdfunding campaign.

National Organization For Women

The National Organization for Women is the largest collection of feminist grassroots activists in the country, according to its site. It deploys intersectional grassroots activist strategies to promote pay equality, among other feminist goals.

Latino STEM Alliance

The Latino STEM Alliance partners with schools and community organizations across the country to give kids the chance to take advantage of STEM learning in a hands-on way. The Alliance views early STEM education as "a key step in a career ladder for economically disadvantaged populations who may be less likely to pursue these opportunities without strong encouragement and support," per its site.

You can donate to this program, or you can even sign up as a volunteer to judge competitions, if you think you have have the relevant background.

Association Of Latino Professionals For America

The Association of Latino Professionals for America is the oldest national Latino professional association in the nation, according to its site. Its mission is to "empower and develop Latino men and women as leaders of character for the nation, in every sector of the global economy." It currently serves over 92,000 professionals and students across the country by offering leadership development opportunities, access to paid summer internships, and more.

Hispanic Alliance For Career Enhancement

The Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement is a non-profit that aims to help Latino professionals with the "employment, development, and enhancement of their careers," per its site. It works to provide the Latinx community with the type of "insight, access, and support" that will help them grow professionally.

If you want to take a step past donating, you can attend or share information about the Latina Equal Pay Day 2019 National Summit, which takes place on Nov. 20 in D.C. The summit is a day long event that offers a number of seminars and lectures on the state of equal pay for Latinx women.

The cost to attend starts at $25, but you can also apply for a scholarship. If you want to shed more like on the prevalent issues within pay inequality, you can also read these pay gap statistics and share them with friends and family.