7 Pet Name Ideas For People Obsessed With Trader Joe's

by Callie Tansill-Suddath
Trader Joe's; Mike Windle/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In 2019 it's interesting to see that a grocery store is trendy. Trader Joe's, a quirky California-based grocery chain, has inspired countless blog posts, and even a few Instagram accounts. It is known for making the most of certain seasonal ingredients during the year, and has gained a sizable crew of devotees with its inventive takes on classics, and newer fare. If you're one of many Trader Joe's fans who just won't be satisfied with a shopping experience unless someone in a red Hawaiian shirt greets you, consider giving your pet a Trader Joe's-inspired name.

At Trader Joe's, a few things are certain. Fall means pumpkin-flavored everything. Winter means peppermint, gifts you'll want to keep for yourself, and fancy flavors of hot chocolate. Spring means flowers, bouquets, picnic supplies, and the best salad fixings. Summer is prime time for avocados and mango snacks. Aside from this, what Trader Joe's comes up with to fill its shelves is really a toss-up. But it's the ingenuity that is so appealing. Some of the strangest, yet popular flavor and texture combinations were at first the work of the store. Trader Joe's is a master of its craft, and is perhaps the only grocery store worthy of inspiring your pet's name. Here are some TJ-inspired name ideas:


Ask a Trader Joe's regular and they'll tell you the quintessential Trader Joe' cheese is the Unexpected Cheddar. With a taste reminiscent of a classic bold cheddar with hints of parmesan, blocks of the stuff are always a crowd-pleaser. The variety even won most popular cheese as the 10th annual Customer Choice Awards.


Trader Joe's Teeny Tiny Avocados have eliminated the problem of browning fruit after spreading the desired amount on toast. Just imagine an equally tiny kitten or pup with a big name like this? A match made in snacker's heaven.


Trader Joe's Bamba Peanut Snacks may have been a happy surprise to U.S.-based customers, but TJ's has the snack made in Israel, where it's among the most popular. Now that TJ's is helping it catch on in the U.S., "Bamba," the original name for the snack, may be a fitting option for your peanut butter-loving pet.


Trader Joe's iconic Jingle Jangle dessert may have gotten a lot of jokes for its unexpected Riverdale plot line last year, but it is also an adorable option for a pet born during the holidays.


Nobody does pumpkin better than Trader Joe's; your friends may think this name is just a testament to your favorite seasonal food, but you know in your heart it's all about TJ's.


The Trader Joe's take on Swedish Fish gummies are called Scandinavian Swimmers. Got a water dog (or just one that likes being sprayed with the hose)? This one is a subtle nod to the sweet.


OK, so before you think this is simply a nod to the name of the retailer, take a look at the brand's most iconic cookie. The Joe-Joe is a chocolate sandwich cookie with vanilla creme. It's the TJ's version of calling your dog Oreo, which, let's be real, is a bit overplayed in 2019.