7 Reasons Fall Is The Best Season For Reading

by Emma Oulton
Warner Bros. Television

As the nights draw longer and the days get colder, most people start mourning the end of summer — except for book-lovers. Because book-lovers know something that the rest of the world doesn't: fall is the best season for reading. So instead of feeling sad that the hot weather is coming to an end, head on down to Barnes & Noble and prepare to welcome fall in style — with a house full of books.

Don't worry about your towering TBR getting out of control; in fall, there are so many chances for reading that you'll finally make it through all those books you've been holding on to for months. Now that your diary isn't so packed with barbecues and beach trips and pool parties, you've actually got the time to make your way through your bookshelves. In fall, nobody judges you for passing up an invitation to stay home and read; in fact, they're all secretly thinking of doing the same. It's a fact: reading in autumn is just too good to pass up.

And yeah, us book-lovers are perfectly content to curl up with a good book any time, any place, any season. Sure, reading on the beach is a treat, or under a Christmas tree. But reading in fall is even better than all of those — and here's why.


It's Getting Cozy

As temperatures start to drop, you can dim the lights and read by candlelight, preferably while wearing a knitted sweater and over-the-knee socks. In fall, we all look like walking bookstagram pictures.


But The Temperature's Still Mild

Reading outside has a magic all of its own, and in the fall, it's still warm enough to do that. What could be more Rory Gilmore than reading outside surrounded by autumn leaves?


It's The Most Beautiful Season

Fall, with all of its beautiful colors, just looks like a scene straight out of a book. Gazing out at a stunning fall landscape, you'll feel like you've fallen right through the pages into one of your books.


There Are So Many Book Releases...

A lot of the biggest book releases happen in the fall, so you better dig out those old book vouchers, because you're gonna need them. This fall, we've got new Andy Weir, Celeste Ng, John Green, and even Hillary Clinton.


...And Some Great Ones Left Over From Summer, Too

Remember all those brand new books that hit stores over the summer, and that you totally planned to read on vacation but then got distracted by clear blue seas and cocktails? Yeah, well you can read them now. And trust me, you're going to love them.


Fall Drinks Pair Well With Books

Is there anything more heavenly than reading a book while sipping on a pumpkin spice latte? No, there is not.


You Have The Most Reading Time

Summer is such an action-packed season, and when Christmas rolls around you'll find yourself swept away with gifts to buy and turkeys to eat. Fall is three months of glorious, uninterrupted reading time — so go enjoy it.